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a workplace (usually a pond) where fish are raised for food

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Presently 63 trout fish farms produce 60,000kg fish annually while work on establishment of 63 more farms is underway which will soon be completed.
Tensions between some Indigenous communities and fish farms in the area have been intensifying recently.
According to detail two children Mohammad Ubrahim Shaikh-8 and Asad Ali Shaikh-9 were playing in front of fish farm near village Taj Mohammad Shaikh suddenly they slipped in fish form and drowned.
financing of settlement of environmental problems or creation of a juvenile fish farm aimed at preserving the ishkhan gene pool are
The City Police Station received a complaint by an owner of a private fish farm at Al Rughailat neighbourhood in Fujairah arraigning two people -- an Emirati and an Omani -- for stealing what he claimed was Dh50,000 worth of fishes from his farm.
The fish farm is located on the left bank of the River Grande, some 2 km from FURNAS reservoir, which provides water to the fish farm.
Therefore, these parasites can be limiting factors for the development of fish farm as they cause low growth of fish and diseases, reducing profitability and increasing the costs of production due to treatments.
CAIRO: A marine fish farm in the middle of the desert?
A FISH farm on Anglesey is being investigated over concerns untreated water is being discharged into the sea.
What Lily is referring to, quite accurately, is salmon farming, which accounts for a few percent of world fish farm output.
A DISEASE which can kill salmon was yesterday confirmed at a third Scottish fish farm.
Ton fish farm keeps afloat with support of the Ministry, but it needs to upgrade equipment for reproduction of fish resources,C[yen] he said.
The use of oxygen pumps, re-cycled water and features like spillways means the mixture of oxygen and nitrogen in fish farm water can differ from normal.
The creation of off-shore windmill parks, port infrastructures and the development of marinas all have the potential to displace fishing activities or restrict fish farm development.
However, just a few years ago, a Uruguayan company, Esturiones de Rio Negro (ERN), became the first in the Southern Hemisphere to produce sturgeon eggs on a fish farm.