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the process of becoming hard or solid by cooling or drying or crystallization

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I am of opinion too that the pickled fish curing system is injurious to the trade and should be abandoned by the fishermen or be banned by the Government as an offence.
It comes down wholly and solely to a question of performing each stage of fish curing in a thorough and efficient manner.
With regard to fish curing, I might say that also fish curing plants might be established to improve the cure.
This research report stems from ongoing academic research examining aspects of the Chinese involvement in Victoria's early fishing industry, and discusses preliminary excavation results from an 1860s Chinese fish curing establishment near Port Albert, Victoria.
Historically, fish curing methods include salting, pickling, sun drying, smoking or a combination of these methods (Jarvis 1950:1).
Fish curing comprises all methods of preservation except refrigeration and canning.
Fish curing has been an important factor in the development of all great maritime nations.
He set up a fish curing factory, built a brickworks and encouraged local boat building.