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My starter of smoked white and shell fish chowder was billed as "world famous".
The night before I checked into the clinic I ate my last meal of meat and fish chowder, of which I am very fond.
But wherever you go on this island, don't miss a chance to try the Bermuda fish chowder, a thick soup enhanced with black rum and sherry peppers.
The seafood soup menu runs the gamut from Cape Cod-, New England- and Manhattan-style Clam Chowders to Rockport Lobster Bisque, Maryland Crab Soup, and North Atlantic Fish Chowder (haddock, cod, onion and potato in fish broth, accented with milk and sweet cream).
She told Mr MacKinnon she had had fish chowder for lunch and thought she could possibly be ill due to food poisoning, the inquest heard.
Here you can enjoy everything from hearty fish chowder soup, to a steak from the grill.
Venison stew, fish chowder and venison chili filled the three bowls that each sportsman brought back to his table.
Florida offers many flavors of soup, including oyster stew, Greek lemon soup and grouper or fish chowder.
Someone spiked the fish chowder with Angel Dust, sending 80 per cent of the cast and crew, including Cameron and star Barbarea Samuels and Wayne Grigsby, to the Dartmouth General Hospital for observation.
Many dishes, such as Bermuda's famous fish chowder, are also paired with dashes of Goslings Dark Rum to enhance meals.
It is the warmth in a Bermuda Sunrise, the hook in Bermuda fish chowder, the island flavor in a Bermuda Rum Swizzle, the tempest in Bermuda's National drink -- the Dark 'n Stormy(R).
The Bahamian Fish Chowder or the Tahitian Tuna Poke will get you into an island frame of mind.
Another highlight of any trip is Bermuda's signature dish of rum-spiced fish chowder.