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a fried ball or patty of flaked fish and mashed potatoes

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Smoked haddock fish cakes, spinach, in a light curry sauce (above), created by Glynn Purnell (left)
FISH cakes are simple to make and liked by most people, both young and old and the great thing about them is you can use cheaper fish and usually use ones that are sustainable to make them.
The female employee said they did not have any so he instead asked for a free fish cake.
Sprinkle the breadcrumbs on a plate or shallow dish and coat the surface of each fish cake, pressing lightly so they stick.
Fried Fish Cake is another valued added product made by J.
This week's recipe is for a salmon fish cake, which is proving to be immensely popular in my restaurant.
Dip each fish cake in flour, then the egg and then coat with breadcrumbs.
Today's fish cake recipe calls for both fresh and smoked haddock with the addition of some parsley, anchovy essence and capers - the latter offering some zing.
Children aged 0-5 consume 70 million fishfinger or fish cake meals.
Meanwhile, Royalton, Connecticut-based Icelandic Seafood is now distributing a cash-and-carry size Fish Cake pack in mainstream supermarkets such as Pathmark in New Jersey, where a 48 oz.
It's a warming soup-noodle arrangement in a deep bowl with a couple of slices of fish cake and scallions floating in it, available with numerous additions, starting with my favorite, the tanuki version ($5), meaning it's sprinkled with crispy tempura batter.
Then roll the fish cake in flour, then the egg mix and lastly bread crumbs, then back through egg and bread crumbs.
Not being massive eaters, we opted for a starter between us, Fish Cake which is billed as 'freshest LittleGig in Bir mingh authentic Thai spices'.
I almost always have a fish cake on the menu in the restaurant, changing the sauce or the garnish from time to time.