fish bowl

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a state of affairs in which you have no privacy

a transparent bowl in which small fish are kept

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Incidents/Injuries: PetSmart has received 20 new reports of the glass fish bowl breaking during normal use, including 14 additional reports of cuts to fingers and hands.
In an instant, the bright sunlight dimmed, the birds were silent, the puppies tired of their play and the water in the fish bowl became calm.
Mary who gives the girl a fish in a fish bowl as a house warming gift.
2) the fish bowl they have built on to the front of the council's offices.
When we got home we realised the fish bowl had no lid.
Yes, it seems even zebrafish lie awake, tossing and turning, thinking of the kids' grades, that big promotion, and whether to take a second mortgage on the fish bowl.
I've closed locations because there were too many fish in a fish bowl and we needed a bigger fish bowl,'' Gordon said.
The contingency management group received the same standard care and monitoring but had a chance to win a prize from a fish bowl with each negative alcohol use test.
Learning by doing (simulations/role plays, fish bowl exercises)
Call attention to the Matisse-like still-life set up in the front of the classroom (geraniums, Chinese evergreens, a large fish bowl, succulents, and a cloth).
Adds Christopher Mann, policy director for the now-closed nonprofit Center for SeaChange: "We've treated the ocean largely like a fish bowl without habitat but with a bunch of fish in it.
NFL Films president STEVE SABOL on Dick Butkus, the fearsome Chicago Bears linebacker: "He was like Moby Dick in a fish bowl.
At the Fish Bowl on Siesta Drive, we found a 10-gallon All Glass Aquarium for $85 that comes with a light, filter and pump.
A biOrb 360 8 fish bowl will bring harmony and style into your life.