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well-seasoned balls of ground fish and eggs and crushed crumbs simmered in fish stock


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a fried ball or patty of flaked fish and mashed potatoes

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The recalled "Fish Cake, Fish Ball, Fish Tofu" were distributed to NY, NJ, PA, MA, ME, VA, MD, DE, CT, RI, and NH retail stores.
Let's not get distracted because of one fish ball,'' she said, adding that her ministry has got more important issues on the plate like promoting trade and exports abroad, charting the blueprint for the country's industrialization drive and tackling bilateral and multilateral trade arrangements.
com/ orisinal/ There's Fish Ball, where you collect fish as you dive, Jumping Koala, in which a bear scales a tree, and Bungee Bear, where you collect bunnies in your back pack.
With an EU-approved factory in London NW10, this premier kosher food manufacturer consulted Douglas Brown of BFL Consultants when they wished to automate kosher fish ball production.
Loi cites an instance where a certain fish ball stall had a logo that closely mimicked that of Ya Kun's.
Dining is a focal part of the Cathay Pacific lounge experience and Vancouver's lounge features the signature Noodle Bar, which offers a selection of soup including wonton noodle soup, dan dan noodle soup and authentic Hong Kong- style fish ball noodle soup.
I also love street snacks like the fish ball, the curried fish balls, and the deep fried street treasures.
Slice toast diagonally then place ' slice on each fish ball.
Selected fish ball stands will also accept payment through the Makatizen Card @InqPOP pic.
Each beneficiary was given an enhanced or start up business kit, which they can use for selling fresh meat and fish; snacks; street foods such as fish ball, hotdog, chicken ball, and kikiam; and salted and raw eggs.
Nostalgic tastes come courtesy of classics such as Chiu Chow style congee and Chiu Chow style fish ball with rice noodles in soup .
The story revolves around illiterate fish ball vendor Maryo (AJ Dee) and his hammy but hardworking son, Nilo (Albert Silos), the neighborhood bully (Enchong Dee, who's less than convincing) and a well-meaning teacher (Mosang) who reminds them about the light at the end of the tunnel.
Next was a kind of fish ball made from the local snapper, covered with a black batter, fried and topped with a white substance.
Fish ball or meatball is used in the absence of any of the five ingredients.
Familiar street food like turon, fish ball, kwek-kwek and kakanin will be served at the Fiesta De La Comida, or Street Food Festival, to be spearheaded by the Ermita Malate Business Owners Association (Emboa), a nongovernment organization, and Paseo de Malate.