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a state treasury or exchequer or a royal treasury

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The designated FISCs became the primary NAVSUP enterprise points of entry for each numbered fleet, responsible for integrating delivery of NAVSUP logistics capabilities.
To accomplish this, I have assigned a FISC Commanding Officer the additional role as the lead NAVSUP Enterprise POC to each numbered Fleet Commander and their respective N4.
Among our seven FISCs, we determined that FISC Jacksonville was the best fit with 'rest of U.
Of course, FISC Yokosuka is not a commercial enterprise and it does not need to attract Super Bowl-sized audiences.
Additionally, NOLSC monitors the status of DESC funded projects associated with representative FISCs to ensure thneliness of project submissions to meet DESC/Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) funding milestones.
This all came together so that now, in 2007, we have seven FISCs and seven years of LSCs," said Cording.
The other six FISCs were realigned as Echelon IV activities reporting to RDML Kowba.
Fortier joined FISC in October of 2003 and has held multiple positions in the company, including Client Relations Representative and Client Relations Manager/Trainer.
We are pleased to work with FISC to benefit from this cost savings opportunity," said Cary Castle, Director of Development at United Spinal Association.
The development of technology has allowed FISC to expand beyond our original sole purpose of serving financial institutions.
Since its establishment as Commander, Fleet and Industrial Supply Centers' (COMFISCS) seventh and newest supply center, FISC Sigonella has delivered NAVSUP products and services efficiently and cost effectively to feet and installation customers in FISC Sigonella's Area of Responsibility.
Our newly constructed facility in the Pease International Tradeport is centrally located and will allow FISC to expand its sales and marketing reach further into New England.
com)-- FISC Solutions, a leading back office services provider, has been named as one of the Best Places to Work in Maine for the third year in a row.
ARC provides FISC clients a chance to save on costs in an industry that has evolved to include both paper and electronic forms of payments.