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Fred Rackers, Globalgroup President, commented, "We look forward to partnering with Everybody's Phone Company and promoting their lower cost telephone alternatives to our layaway customers, as our fiscally responsible customers will appreciate the savings from a source that they may otherwise not have ever been made aware of.
The transportation finance plan signed into law last year ends the long-standing, fiscally irresponsible practice of paying for operating expenses on the state credit card.
Perhaps acknowledging these issues, the regulations provide an exception to the definition of fiscal transparency that, while helpful, raises additional issues: The CCF wilt be treated as fiscally transparent with respect to the nonseparately stated dividend income as long as such dividend income, if it had been separately taken into account, would not have resulted in an income tax liability that is different from that which would have resulted had the dividend income been separately taken into account, provided all nonseparately stated items of income paid to the (XT are taken into account by the interest holder on a current basts (the income-tax-liability-comparison test).
Because of its fiscally irresponsible government, Hungary established a fiscal council, whose role making budget revenue projections realistically rather than arbitrarily and ad hoc.
Secondly, it puts you in the situation where you are so fiscally obese that its impossible to slim.
Each component can be adjusted, but are suggested as fiscally prudent and politically achievable.
While growth is good, governments must remain fiscally prudent to keep positive balance-of payments figures, Lonski says.
but our concern is that lawmakers conclude from this data that Medicaid is fiscally sound and patients are well served," he said.
Empire, and traces the attempts in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries to integrate the region fiscally and administratively with the neighboring county of Tyrol.
How he won tells me that his message--he's both fiscally conservative and socially inclusive and moderate--was one that appeals to the middle," former liberal Republican New Jersey Governor (and EPA head) Christine Todd Whitman told the New York Times.
There was some surprise that the fiscally conservative BNA would pay such a high premium for the newsletter-conference- information firm.
After weeks of controversy, the Al Salam Mosque Foundation accepted an offer of $200,000 to walk away from the property, but the mayor subsequently vetoed the measure, calling it insulting to Muslims and fiscally irresponsible.
4) This situation is exacerbated by the IRS's recent announcement that it will not issue rulings on "whether an entity is treated as fiscally transparent by a foreign jurisdiction for purposes of Section 89.
As a result of the seminar, several NPOs with less than $5 million in revenues opted for early implementation in order to get a head start on the new requirements and to show outside agencies and sources of support that they were fiscally responsible and well informed.