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The 15th Finance Commission member said that it is "a fiscally responsible budget that means business".
Through a series of examples, this discussion summarizes the general approach adopted by the regulations and then highlights some of the practical difficulties encountered when determining whether a foreign company is entitled to treaty benefits when investing in the United States through an entity that may be fiscally transparent under the laws of one or more jurisdictions.
Each component can be adjusted, but are suggested as fiscally prudent and politically achievable.
Empire, and traces the attempts in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries to integrate the region fiscally and administratively with the neighboring county of Tyrol.
How he won tells me that his message--he's both fiscally conservative and socially inclusive and moderate--was one that appeals to the middle," former liberal Republican New Jersey Governor (and EPA head) Christine Todd Whitman told the New York Times.
There was some surprise that the fiscally conservative BNA would pay such a high premium for the newsletter-conference- information firm.
After weeks of controversy, the Al Salam Mosque Foundation accepted an offer of $200,000 to walk away from the property, but the mayor subsequently vetoed the measure, calling it insulting to Muslims and fiscally irresponsible.
4) This situation is exacerbated by the IRS's recent announcement that it will not issue rulings on "whether an entity is treated as fiscally transparent by a foreign jurisdiction for purposes of Section 89.
As a result of the seminar, several NPOs with less than $5 million in revenues opted for early implementation in order to get a head start on the new requirements and to show outside agencies and sources of support that they were fiscally responsible and well informed.
Clearly, however, meeting payrolls is not the same thing as being fiscally healthy.
Marilyn Westenhaver has been physically fit for over 20 years but, because of her ability to see and seize her market, she is now fiscally fit, too.
WASHINGTON -- A diverse and bipartisan group of former members of Congress today launched the Coalition for a Fiscally Sound America, a new effort seeking to engage Americans and encourage policy makers to rise above partisanship and work together to enact broad-based spending and tax reform.
Under the proposed enhancing public private partnerships in pakistan (provincial support) project (project), adb will partner with gos to develop a financially sustainable, fiscally responsible ppp structure in sindh.
For years, Mayor Dean Mazzarella and the city's comptroller said it was fiscally irresponsible and imprudent for the Fire Department to pay for a second ambulance.