fiscal year

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any accounting period of 12 months

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NASDAQ-NMS: STII) announced today that its income before including the cumulative effect of a change in accounting method for its fiscal year 1994, ended March 31, 1994, increased by 144% to $2.
Fleetwood's recreational vehicle group also achieved record revenues in fiscal year 1994 with a 12 percent sales increase to $1.
Annual commonwealth pension contributions increased significantly in fiscal year 2005 and are expected to rise about 4.
Cumulative fiscal year to date distribution rate as a percentage of NAV as of October 31, 2015[sup.
In fiscal year 2005, regional stability will be advanced through success in attacking terrorism.
An increase in new construction - from 11,077 properties in fiscal year 1996-97 to 18,340 last fiscal year.
accrual and calendar vs fiscal year discrepancies, the character of income issues, basis and associated deductions, consolidated return questions, and special problems related to foreign transactions -- corporate information returns would likely prompt unnecessary requests for reconciliation, they would inject inefficiencies in a process that already works well.
An additional required payment to the government during the transition period to a different fiscal year would be imposed.
In fiscal year 2005, MSI's overseas premiums represented 13% of its total consolidated net premiums written (NPW), and it aims to increase the overseas portion to 20% by fiscal year 2010.
By the end of fiscal year 2002, over two-thirds of our overseas posts should reach minimal security standards, meaning secure doors, windows, and perimeters.
Because the law does not require individuals to maintain books and records, it may be difficult to demonstrate that the books have been maintained for the fiscal year.
Rebounding from a fiscal year that ended in the red, Antelope Valley Hospital is forecasting it will conclude the fiscal year that ends this month with a surplus of more than $4 million.
The estimated total consolidated revenue for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2007 is $40.
The following tables set forth estimates of the sources of each Fund's September distribution and its cumulative distributions paid for its fiscal year through September 30, 2015, and information relating to each Fund's performance based on its net asset value (NAV) for certain periods.
This budget represents a needed increase in the Department of State's dollars for the upcoming fiscal year, and we are pleased with that.