fiscal policy

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a government policy for dealing with the budget (especially with taxation and borrowing)

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Similarly fiscal policy reaction function by Braun (2001) is used to capture changes in output due to government spending.
The increase of the structural balance corresponds to a restrictive fiscal policy and its decrease to expansionary fiscal policy one.
The second rule is to use fiscal policy as a counter-cyclical tool.
With the economy having gradually returned to the normal track, the exit of aggressive fiscal policy is inevitable but the extent of the reduction still exceeds the expectation of many people.
Section 3 analyses the uncertainty relating to the scale of the effect of fiscal policy on the real economy, while Section 4 discusses whether the effect is influenced by the choice of fiscal policy instrument.
Leeper indicates that the creation of a fiscal policy council would subject government decisions to independent scrutiny, an approach taken in Sweden and some other countries.
It just sums up every major decision taken on fiscal policy from 1954 onwards.
Because fiscal policy actions typically generate changes in government debt, taxes and spending that extend over several decades, in practice, dynamics may be more important for fiscal policy than for monetary policy (Chung and Leeper 2007, Leeper, Plante and Traum (2009)).
Mr Stuart joined the National Treasury in 2006 as a senior policy analyst and worked his way through the ranks to become a Chief Director for Fiscal Policy.
According to the recommendations, Cyprus must continue its prudent fiscal policy, achieve the 2018 fiscal targets, complete the reform in the public sector, speed up the administration of justice, reduce the volume of non-performing loans, create a secondary market for the same loans, advance education reforms, complete the separation of the Electricity Authority of Cyprus, and conclude the plan for universal access to public health.
This provided little flexibility to the government to use fiscal policy to support the economy in downturn as missing fiscal targets dents credibility.
From the International Monetary Fund, this report describes how the evolution of the debate on fiscal policy can illuminate fiscal developments and help frame policy recommendations to countries.
Morgan Asset Management has released a new Investment Insights paper exploring the outlook for global fiscal policy and the potential implications for multi-asset investors, the company said.
The Great Recession and the subsequent passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act returned fiscal policy, and particularly the importance of state and local governments, to the center stage of macroeconomic policymaking.
Five key questions have guided my research on fiscal policy in emerging markets: (1)
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