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a state treasury or exchequer or a royal treasury

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FISC provides lockbox, caging, data entry, payment processing, printing, and electronic delivery services to financial institutions, governmental entities, commercial clients, and nonprofit organizations throughout the United States.
Third, questions have recently been raised about the extent to which FISC can fulfill the role of being a neutral, disinterested magistrate.
The FiSC estimates, however, show that per capita spending in the two cities is nearly identical.
Snowden's betrayals, with leaks and liberals blaming the FISC for being too much of a rubber stamp and even blaming Chief Justice John Roberts for naming too many Republicans and prosecutors to the FISC.
hp&_r=1&) report last week that the FISC was issuing lengthy opinions expanding the NSA's authorities in secret.
However, the original assumptions and concept of operations of the lead FISC were dramatically altered.
Headquartered in Lewiston, Maine with offices in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, FISC has provided services and solutions to financial institutions and corporations for 30 years.
Named a 2013 Best Places to Work in Maine Company, FISC Solutions has operated in Maine for more than 36 years since its inception in 1977.
pdf) FISC demanded the Justice Department to respond to the EFF request, and the Justice Department submitted a 15-page response arguing that the FISC's own rules are preventing it from complying with the EFF's Freedom of Information Act request.
The FISC team got wind of what we were doing and, right away asked us, 'Hey, what can we do to help?
Rob Pate of DHS's newly reformed US-Computer Emergency Response Team will also make a keynote address at FISC.
Storekeeper 1st Class (Surface Warfare) Joss Zolina was recently selected Fleet and Industrial Supply Centers, as FISC San Diego's Sailor of the Year for 2003.
Our newly constructed facility in the Pease International Tradeport is centrally located and will allow FISC to expand its sales and marketing reach further into New England.
Selon le quotidien, qui cite des [beaucoup moins que]sources proches des conseillers fiscaux impliques dans l'affaire[beaucoup plus grand que], l'enquete visant le gardien n'a pas ete traitee comme pouvant porter sur un delit potentiel, au contraire de l'affaire impliquant le joueur du FC Barcelone Lionel Messi, car le fisc espagnol ainsi que le parquet ont estime que dans ce cas, [beaucoup moins que]il n'y avait pas de volonte d'echapper a ses obligations fiscales[beaucoup plus grand que].
com)-- FISC Solutions, a leading back office services provider, has been named as one of the Best Places to Work in Maine for the third year in a row.