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Synonyms for firstborn

the offspring who came first in the order of birth


first in order of birth


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06 ( ANI ): As late legendary actor Sridevi's firstborn, Janhvi Kapoor, turns a year older, her cousin Sonam Kapoor and her mom's dear friend Manish Malhotra have posted heartwarming messages on social media.
Firstborn children are significantly more likely to be employed and to work as top managers, while later-born children are more likely to be self-employed.
Firstborn children typically scored higher on IQ tests and a range of developmental skills assessments, including vocabulary and reading recognition, than their sibling counterparts when tested at the same age.
Implementing agency : Namyangju, Gyeonggi-do Office of Education firstborn Middle School
Once we control for demographic characteristics, however, the effect of being firstborn becomes smaller and insignificant even without controlling for family size or our proxy for family size.
Firstborn women end up13% more ambitious than even firstborn men.
She added: "My own firstborn daughter, who was taken from me in 1972, and, as I have come to realise, many of my colleagues in the House who were themselves adopted or had children or siblings taken from them and placed into adoption.
With the help of other firstborns from eight historically powerful "Guild" families, Claire uncovers a plot that threatens to destroy them all.
In a small study from New Zealand, researchers looked at 50 overweight men ages 40 to 50, and compared the body mass indexes (BMIs) of the men who were firstborn in their family, with those who were born second.
The other practice is the consecration or the presentation of the firstborn male to the Lord, which is related to the Lord's sparing the life of the Israelite firstborn when he slew the firstborn of the Egyptians (cf Ex 13:1-16).
We previously reported that Kanye West is not too happy about Kim spending so much money in general, but when it comes to the dough she's about to throw down just to give birth to their firstborn, he may be cool with it.
Incidentally, twenty-one of the first 23 American astronauts were firstborn children.
An hour later Firstborn arrived upstairs with a bowl of what looked like (and I'll have to whisper this so as not to offend) brown slop covered in more slop with some yellow slop poking out from underneath.
1) The sex ratio for second births among women with a firstborn daughter (ell from 906 females per 1,000 males in 1990 to 836 females per 1,000 males m 2005; in contrast, no declines occurred in the sex ratio for firstborns or for second births after a firstborn son.
Dentsu Network West said today it has taken over New York-based digital creative agency Firstborn for an undisclosed price and in a move to develop "new levels of digital innovation".