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used of a person in the first year of an experience (especially in United States high school or college)

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Trump's 2017-2018 yearly average is not only the lowest for a first-year president, it ranks among the 10 worst for any president in any year since Gallup began regularly measuring job approval in 1945.
Due to the stoppage of selling interest-variable policies and popular six-year-term savings-based policies, Fubon scored NT$35 billion in first-year premium revenues in September, enabling it to lead the domestic life-insurance sector for two months in a row.
And the classes of first-year and new teachers have the fewest number, if any, of students with behavioral problems.
NSSE is a national survey of first-year and senior-level undergraduates from public and private four-year institutions.
In addition to setting forth the requirements for depreciable property to qualify for the first-year bonus depreciation deduction, the regulations instruct taxpayers on how to determine the deduction and the depreciation otherwise allowable.
Living in the same house and coming from the same college, these first-year attorneys are the subjects of ``First Years.
3 billion in first-year direct and single-premium corporate owned life insurance sold in 1998 by 20 large writers of this product, $6.
Under his agreement with the insurer, the agent received a commission of about 115% of the first-year premium on any policy he sold.
Many librarians teach the commonly used one shot instruction sessions, either in general education programs or first-year experience classes.
The first-year teacher was trying his utmost, but he could not handle the kids, and his classroom was becoming increasingly chaotic.
Currently, the allowable first-year depreciation deduction for luxury automobiles is $10,710 (including $7,650 in bonus depreciation allowed by the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003 (JGTRRA)).
The Dodgers must also close their Campo Las Palmas complex in the Dominican Republic for one year and are forbidden from scouting or signing any first-year player who resides in the Dominican Republic for one year.
Chapter 1 compares and contrasts the American and Canadian approaches to first-year community college programs.
Worden provided his cleints with their first year's coverage at cost by waiving his first-year commission--chargingX the clients a "consulting fee" equal to the net first-year premium due the insurance company (after deducting the "basic commission" to which he normally would have been entitled).
The students earned their May 16 trip to corporate headquarters by winning MIT Sloan's second annual First Year Challenge, in which teams of first-year MBAs develop business strategies to address a significant issue presented by a sponsoring company.