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(computer science) a program that controls a display for the user (usually on a computer monitor) and that allows the user to interact with the system

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In light of this, first-time users should not acquire their system through mail order sources.
While all users should be especillry careful when choosing newly released software, a good rule of thumb for first-time users is never to buy the first version of anything.
Again, some of the most striking differences in failure rates were linked to experience with the method: The male condom breakage rate fell from 7% among first-time users to 2% among those who had used the method at least 15 times; the slippage rate dropped from 3% to 0.
VT events can show up in first-time users no matter what OC they are on, and they occur mostly in the first year.
The Towson and Oldenburg study participants reported experiencing immediate and obvious benefits in a variety of key performance areas including comfort in ear, comfort with loud sounds, one-on-one conversation in quiet and speech in noise that resulted in immediate acceptance by the first-time users.
With helpful features such as automatic alignment and formatting, SmartDraw requires no artistic talent or technical expertise: even first-time users can create perfect legal diagrams in minutes.
The buttons are set at the optimal settings to scan, copy, OCR, e-mail, and perform a custom task, so first-time users can start scanning immediately with confidence.
Our online brands provide network information and instructional content relevant for both our television audiences and first-time users," said Ron Feinbaum, senior vice president and general manager of Scripps Networks online division.
Satisfaction with federal e-government is nudging upward, despite a significant increase in the number of harder-to-please first-time users, according to the latest findings of the quarterly e-government report of the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) produced by the University of Michigan, and co-sponsored by ForeSee Results.
By using a non-SMTP protocol through a forwarding server, first-time users don't have to configure the secure email client for an SMTP server -- an often-confusing step for non-tech-savvy users.
At the same time, the scanning module must produce a large, user-friendly scan volume that will allow first-time users to scan bar codes with no learning curve.
The buttons are pre-configured at the optimal settings for these most common tasks, so first-time users can begin scanning immediately.
The buttons are pre-configured at the optimal settings for these most common tasks, enabling first-time users to begin scanning immediately.