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(computer science) a program that controls a display for the user (usually on a computer monitor) and that allows the user to interact with the system

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Selection of good, mature software is important in any installation, but is especially critical to the first-time user.
Likewise, in the regression analyses, the odds of slippage were significantly elevated for first-time users compared with those who had used the device 15 or more times (odds ratios, 18.
I chalked the supposed increased risk to two factors: preferential prescribing and first-time users.
Research at a London hospital says almost 40 per cent of cases nationally involved first-time users.
First-time users see a registration screen with step-by-step directions.
International Study Indicates Advanced Technology in Oticon Intiga Delivers Immediate Benefits and Immediate Acceptance by First-time Users
First-time users can check out the message from President Barry Melancon that discusses the goals of AICPA Online.
A kit for first-time users, which includes toner and software, costs $895 for most printers.
Type of Router or Gateway with Router: Current Users, Planned Upgrades, & First-Time Users
First-time users can expect to capture hundreds of songs with a single search, with very high accuracy.
Even first-time users with no technical background can install and use the application immediatelyCowithout reading through a lengthy manual or a long list of Frequently Asked Questions (although FAQs and other assistance are available).
First-time users are comfortable with the intuitive WinZip Wizard, while power users appreciate WinZip's seamless Windows Explorer integration can opt for the award-winning WinZip Classic interface for their most sophisticated compression needs.
They're so easy to use that even first-time users can implement an interface in under a week using detailed application notes we provide.
With helpful features such as automatic alignment and formatting, SmartDraw requires no artistic talent or technical expertise: even first-time users can create perfect legal diagrams in minutes.