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of members of a team

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being a regular member of a team

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We don't have to be first-stringers to have an impact.
What is missing today is a serious and responsible discussion of the place of laity in the church as partners in responsibility for the life of the church, not just as extras off the bench, as it were, until somehow the church recruits enough first-stringers.
Carolina coach Ron Rivera announced his first-stringers will sit out the second half because his team is playing its second game in six days, having hosted the Chiefs on Sunday.
The only touchdown by the first-stringers was a 20-yard pass from Thomas to backup tight end Brandon Williams on the first play of a red-zone scenario.
We all did our job tonight,'' said linebacker Brian Elledge, whose interception helped hold Burroughs (4-4, 1-2) to 188 yards - 52 on a David Brooks late touchdown run long after Hart's first-stringers had called it a night.
Consequently, even in lopsided games, coaches are hesitant to pull their first-stringers.
For how long is a question only Bill Belichick and his coaching confidantes currently have the answer to, although the belief is somewhere in the neighborhood of a couple of series or 12-18 snaps for the first-stringers.
All four current first-stringers played extensively last fall as part of an uncharacteristically deep nine-player rotation, as did tackle Wade Keliikipi, who is expected to challenge Hart and Heimuli as he recovers from a back problem.
By giving second and third chances to first-stringers who weren't carrying their weight, Neuheisel unwittingly dragged the team down.
The Eagles' first-stringers got the job done against the outmanned Wildcats (0-5).
But time would be devoted to getting familiar with Washington's first-stringers and their tendencies.
Alternate members took virtually the same tests as first-stringers, she said.
all first-stringers in the bustling West Coast acoustic-music scene ("Dave Grisman and I share the banjo player," Rowan noted).
The scout team players act as models for Northwestern's first-stringers to practice against.