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the initial use of nuclear weapons to attack a country that also has nuclear weapons

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If we reject a first-strike policy, what's the point of a tit-for-tat nuclear response, murdering millions of innocent "enemy" people, in a war which has no winners?
But while NATO maintains its nuclear first-strike option, we all hover above an abyss.
He further warned that Russia would figure out a solution either together with NATO or separately, adding that some decisions regarding first-strike nuclear missiles deployment could be "unpleasant.
Therefore, the immediate task for Israel (although, as we shall see, by no means the only task) is to strengthen nuclear deterrence so that an enemy state will always calculate that a first-strike upon the Jewish state would be irrational.
This means, among other things, that if a first-strike attack is believed capable of destroying Israel's arsenal, the Jewish state's nuclear deterrent will be immobilized.
SurfinGuard uses Finjan's First-Strike Security technology to detect and prevent malicious code attacks without relying on anti-virus database updates.
Finjan Software is the leader in First-Strike Security(TM) software, delivering proactive security solutions that monitor active Web content and protect companies and computer users from malicious code attacks.
And it is especially foreboding, since NATO is still clinging to its nuclear first-strike doctrine.
Finjan's Proactive First-Strike Security Software Stops Win32.
announced that its proactive first-strike security solution, SurfinShield Corporate, blocks the new Win32.
6 /PRNewswire/ -- Finjan Software's proactive first-strike security solution, SurfinShield Corporate, blocked the first-strike attack of the Mypics Worm by monitoring the behavior of the malicious program rather than relying on a known virus signature.
As these Y2K Trojans strike in a novel, deadly fashion, Finjan's first-strike software is the most effective way to avoid damage, short of permanently disconnecting computers from the network," said Avi Rubin, Internet security researcher with AT&T Labs.
6 /PRNewswire/ -- As last week's MiniZip worm proved, current anti-virus software technology is not able to protect users from first-strike attacks by malicious code in the Internet age.
today announced that its first-strike security(TM) software blocks the new MiniZip Worm.
today unveiled its new First-Strike Security(TM) program and released a new version of its PC security software, SurfinShield Corporate(R).