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First-party cookies are those left on a computer by a Web site that has been visited, while third-party cookies are those left by a domain different than the site being visited, such as an advertising server that has just delivered an ad to a computer, or certain third-party tools used to measure site traffic.
WebTrends said that initial migrations to its first-party cookie solution have resulted in a 300% increase in accuracy in comparison to third-party cookie data.
Since introducing patent-pending technology that allows either software or hosted, on-demand customers to use their own first-party cookies in data collection efforts, which significantly increase metrics accuracy, WebTrends has found 'accuracy' to be the top reason cited by enterprise customers when choosing WebTrends 7.
By adopting WebTrends' best practices approach, which uses the customer's own first-party cookie, Designer Linens Outlet is better equipped to track visitors over time, enabling them to confidently leverage rich, historical information for visitor segmentation and lifetime value analysis.
For best practices information and a checklist for evaluating first-party cookie solutions, visit www.
With the latest release, WebTrends hosted On Demand service joins WebTrends software solutions in offering the industry's most secure and broadest first-party cookie support by default.
Leveraging its long-standing 10 years' expertise in software and five years with hosted web analytics, WebTrends now offers the most secure and broadest first-party cookie support in the industry for both software and hosted solutions, as well as fallback sessionization methods for unique visitor and visit-tracking that are completely independent of the use of cookies, including authenticated usernames, session IDs and IP+Agent.
First-party cookies are cookies placed on a visitor's hard drive by the initial website a person visits.
Click on Override automatic cookie handling, and Block for First-party Cookies and Third-party Cookies.
First-party cookies come from any Web site you visit directly.
Flexibly define the site with options for single or multiple first-party cookies and the choice of single or multiple on-site domains for accurate cross-domain tracking
8% of Third-Party Cookies Are Blocked, Compared to Less Than 1% of First-Party Cookies
DirectServe[TM] is the Only Ad-Serving Technology to Put Advertisers in a Direct Relationship with Consumers on the AOL Network By Delivering Ads with First-Party Cookies
In response, Coremetrics has delivered the first solution to provide issuance of first-party cookies through a hosted domain and is the only solution in the industry to allow clients to upgrade from existing third-party tracking without any loss of historical customer profiles.
ForceField simultaneously allows the things that make Web surfing convenient and easy, including first-party cookies and user-approved file downloads.
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