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Sales of First-hand Residential Properties Authority Director Eugene Fung made the statement today, saying the authority examined 330 sales brochures, 670 price lists, 400 documents containing sales arrangements, and 2,600 printed advertisements over the past year.
This will also give us the chance to reassure residents first-hand that they live in a safe area.
First-hand accounts of the personal stories and pathways to success of four all-star real estate investors
It is clear, as Phillips said, that their attitudes are often formed not by first-hand contact but by sometimes tendentious reporting.
Refined Tastes does an excellent job of presenting prescriptive literature about sugar, but does not provide enough first-hand accounts of what sugar represented to the average consumer.
As a scrap dealer myself, I know what my customers need from first-hand experience, and there is no replacement for first-hand experience.
The effects of this lack of first-hand knowledge can be significant.
200), and see first-hand how scientists are responding to concerns about their work.
PUPILS from a Coventry school got a first-hand look at the way Christian churches work when they paid a visit to St Francis of Assisi church.
Thanks to European Formula Racing, the winner will be one of the first people to be driven in a new two-seater car, which is currently being developed to ensure the passenger gets a first-hand idea of what it's like to be a Formula One driver and the G-forces they are exposed to.
Nor would it assist Jason Smith, who is determined to settle only for first-hand sources.
Tim's first-hand experience on our first 1,000 shows, plus his strong broadcast management background as a 17-year veteran for Capital Cities/ABC, make him a great addition to our HARPO management team.
For example, they know first-hand the counterproductive effect of the on-again, off-again legislative moratorium.
Traditionally, political thought grew from first-hand observation and experience.