first-degree burn

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burn causing redness of the skin surface

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Bahraini Waleed Shawqi Nasser suffered minor burns to his hands, Indian Mohammed Jassim Mohammed sustained first-degree burns, Bangladeshi Royil Kabeer sustained second-degree burns and Pakistani Omar Ahmed suffered second-degree burns to his hands.
I was taken to the emergency room where I was treated for first-degree burns on my face, second-degree burns on my hands and put on 100 percent oxygen for toxic smoke inhalation.
I'm grateful to have been pulled out of the fire but now I'm dealing with first-degree burns.
he emerged with a few cracked ribs and first-degree burns on his feet.
and European testing protocols for safe touch temperature, preventing the first-degree burns one would normally expect within five seconds of skin contact.
The pensioner suffered first-degree burns to her right arm and right thigh.
It remains unclear whether England will follow suit and ban unmanned salons, which have been involved in a string of incidents of young children and teenagers suffering first-degree burns after using the powerful, unattended equipment.
Jill McRae, whose daughter Kirsty suffered first-degree burns from a coin-operated sunbed in Barry, said: "It suggests that the crux of the matter has not been fully understood, which is contrary to what the whole campaign was about.
A 13-year-old boy with apparent first-degree burns was treated at the scene and a firefighter who slipped was able to return to fight the fire, District Fire Chief James F.
A LIMASSOL security guards was treated fir first-degree burns late on Friday after a man approached him at the factory where he worked, threw flammable liquid in his face and set him on fire.
Doctors say though he is suffering from first-degree burns his injuries are not life-threatening and that his sight is not in danger.
He suffered first-degree burns to the side of his face and second-degree burns to his ear and ankle.
According to the victim, several of the sparklers exploded, resulting in first-degree burns to his hand.
First-degree burns on my arms and second-degree burns across my shoulders [see accompanying photos] have earned me a reputation in my squadron as "that idiot who got sunburned.
THIS is the five-year-old boy who was left with horrific first-degree burns after stepping on a smouldering beach bonfire.