first-degree burn

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burn causing redness of the skin surface

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Most first-degree burns will heal without any further treatment.
First-degree burns are relatively superficial, affecting primarily the epidermis--the protective outer layer of a dog's skin.
If it's a first-degree burn and it's localized to a small part of the body, the animal will probably be fine," Dr.
One of the victims was a 1-month-and-9-day-old infant who suffered a first-degree burn on the face after being hit by splinters of firecrackers.
Now you have both first-degree burns and hypothermia.
The driver of the motorcycle, Mac Kian Sabrido, 17, was treated for first-degree burns while his passengers Richard Sevilla, 26, and Ruzzel Bernardo, 18, suffered bruises and contusions, when they crashed into a van driven by Richard Soriano, 30.
Moisturizer and sunscreen must be applied for first-degree burns.
Many of the survivors have severe fuel burns, including a woman with first-degree burns on more than 35 per cent of her body.
However, two of the workers, aged in their 30s, suffered first-degree burns when they tried to retrieve their belongings from blaze.
Boiling water was also poured on her, leading to first-degree burns.
The driver has first-degree burns on his hands, legs and partly on the face.
from Comoros Island, is believed to have suffered first-degree burns and was taken to hospital by her family and then transferred to Al Qasimi Hospital as her condition was reported to be critical over the past days.
In another incident in Sharjah the same day, two workers received first-degree burns.