first-class mail

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mail that includes letters and postcards and packages sealed against inspection

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Postage rates for first-class mail are capped, making the United States' postal rates among the lowest in the world.
Across the UK 93% of first-class mail was delivered on the next working day.
These two postcode areas do appear to have endured problems such as industrial action and the anthrax scares last year, but it is evident that the recent improvement made by Liverpool in the first-class mail category, has not really been matched by their performance for second class.
Very few of us understand what privatization means and how subsidies will exist from first-class mail to package delivery.
See the chart for a summary of the discounts available on first-class mail.
Without market competition on first-class mail delivery to keep it in check, the Postal Service has distinguished itself with deteriorating service, soaring costs and burgeoning debt.
The new price changes for USPS[R] Mailing Services - effective May 11 - include a two-cent increase in the cost of single-piece, First-Class Mail[R] letters and a five-cent increase in the cost of single-piece, First-Class Mail flats.
mediation of foreign correspondence, first-class mail Priori Launcher and economics letters.
Revenue Increase Driven by 8 Percent Growth in Shipping and Packages, 3 Percent Growth in Standard Mail; First-Class Mail Continues to Decline
The company's latest figures show that in Huddersfield 96% of first-class mail is delivered on time.
The public's love affair with Internet communiques, and more significantly with electronic payments, has caused a 20 percent drop in single-piece first-class mail volume since 1998, but advertisements help pick up the slack.
Despite the huge volumes of mail at Christmas, the majority of first-class cards and all other first-class mail still arrives the day after posting.
Clearly there were some problems in the spring but the service has improved, month-on-month, since May and we are now approaching our target level for first-class mail.
Or else they listened up when analysts told them that an upstart technology called email was going to gnaw Pac-Man-style into their $35 billion in first-class mail revenue.
CASS, PAVE, ZIP + 4, Post Office, and First-Class Mail are trademarks of the USPS([R]).