first-class mail

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mail that includes letters and postcards and packages sealed against inspection

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Postage rates for first-class mail are capped, making the United States' postal rates among the lowest in the world.
Across the UK 93% of first-class mail was delivered on the next working day.
Postal Service's monopoly on first-class mail drives many of its fundamental problems -- its high costs, high debt levels, low productivity, and shrinking revenues.
But better yet: have your mailer provide you with a copy of the standard Postage Statement if it's Periodicals, Standard Mail, First-Class Mail, or any version of PreSort.
Very few of us understand what privatization means and how subsidies will exist from first-class mail to package delivery.
See the chart for a summary of the discounts available on first-class mail.
Without market competition on first-class mail delivery to keep it in check, the Postal Service has distinguished itself with deteriorating service, soaring costs and burgeoning debt.
The new price changes for USPS[R] Mailing Services - effective May 11 - include a two-cent increase in the cost of single-piece, First-Class Mail[R] letters and a five-cent increase in the cost of single-piece, First-Class Mail flats.
Combined Mailing systems allow mailers to prepare First-Class Mail or Standard Mail letter-size price mailings that meet any of the following criteria:
The mail carrier, which has seen declines in the volumes of first-class mail, its most profitable product, has focused on building its package delivery services to take advantage of the growth in e-commerce.
3 per cent of first-class mail arrived on time in the first half of the year, were below full-year target.
The company's latest figures show that in Huddersfield 96% of first-class mail is delivered on time.
The public's love affair with Internet communiques, and more significantly with electronic payments, has caused a 20 percent drop in single-piece first-class mail volume since 1998, but advertisements help pick up the slack.
The target of delivering 93 per cent of first-class mail the next day was beaten in the three months to June.
Figures published yesterday also showed that first-class mail deliveries were the best in a decade while the number of letters being lost have been cut by half in the past year.