first strike

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the initial use of nuclear weapons to attack a country that also has nuclear weapons

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The squad was targeted in response to mortar shell fire at a routine IDF (army) patrol in the area, near the Israeli kibbutz of Nir Am," a statement said of the first strike.
The First Strike map pack significantly expands the intense experience for the millions of fans enjoying Call of Duty: Black Ops on the PlayStation3 every day," said Mark Lamia, Studio Head, Treyarch.
First Strike may be aesthetically pleasing but - at almost pounds 12 a throw - lacks sufficient depth to be considered good value for money.
The accident spurred a new policy at First Strike that was put in place Thursday: Any crew that's been working a wildfire for 14 days or more gets a ride home.
Loyalist paramilitaries have already stated that there will be no first strike from them.
population centers from accidental or terrorist missile attacks rather than a massive first strike reminiscent of the Cold War era.
And it was conservatives who warned that without immediate remedial action the United States would find itself the victim of Soviet nuclear blackmail, if not a nuclear first strike.
New York City, with its history as a strict regulatory climate, may become "ground zero" for the first strike against a problem that, according to the American Lung Association, costs an estimated $100 billion annually in medical claims and lost productivity.
It either broke up before hitting the ground or after the first strike, sending a narrow spray of pieces flying ahead.
Nasdaq: ATVI), Treyarch's Call of Duty: Black Ops - First Strike adds five all new action-packed maps that span the globe.
COASTGUARDS will follow up their first strike by picketing Crosby's rescue coordination centre this week.
Glen's first strike came in the 85th minute and completely turned a game Chivas had been poised to take.
Recently, both the Marines and Army soldiers have requested First Strike rations developed by the Combat Feeding program.
Contributions should be earmarked for the First Strike Fallen Fund.