first strike

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the initial use of nuclear weapons to attack a country that also has nuclear weapons

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Owen Mahoney, president and CEO, Nexon, said, "Partnering with First Strike Games is another example of our focus on and commitment to working with the best development talent in the Western market.
He said: "In the most extreme circumstances we have made it very clear that you can't rule out the use of nuclear weapons as a first strike.
First Strike may be aesthetically pleasing but - at almost pounds 12 a throw - lacks sufficient depth to be considered good value for money.
For the 1,000 or so mourners who came to the Douglas County Fairgrounds on Friday, the memorial service for the eight firefighters of Roseburg-based First Strike Environmental who died when their van crashed in the desert of Eastern Oregon served as a lesson as well as a time to let go.
He is thought to have told them British planes and missiles will play a leading role in the first strikes against Osama bin Laden.
Loyalist paramilitaries have already stated that there will be no first strike from them.
The 1972 treaty, which was designed to prevent a massive nuclear first strike by either superpower, limits U.
And it was conservatives who warned that without immediate remedial action the United States would find itself the victim of Soviet nuclear blackmail, if not a nuclear first strike.
It either broke up before hitting the ground or after the first strike, sending a narrow spray of pieces flying ahead.
A first strike along the lines suggested by Nixon and Kissinger would be suicide for the Soviet Union; even an attack one-tenth that size might cripple it for generations to come.
WORKERS at car giant Ford are to be balloted for industrial action in a row over pensions, threatening the first strike at the company since the 1970s.
COASTGUARDS will follow up their first strike by picketing Crosby's rescue coordination centre this week.
Recently, both the Marines and Army soldiers have requested First Strike rations developed by the Combat Feeding program.
Contributions should be earmarked for the First Strike Fallen Fund.