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But to be told your child may never take the first step and then see those first steps is just kind of a different sport all together.
SANTHOSH CHANDRAN DOHA SOCIAL Development Center (SDC), a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, felicitated a batch of 118 trainees who have completed the First Step programme recently.
Amgen also announced the expansion of its Neulasta FIRST STEP Program to its newly established co-pay coupon umbrella programme, the Amgen FIRST STEP Program for commercially insured patients.
uk) during the week to encourage people to think about what their first step would be to change the world for deaf and hard of hearing people.
This book will, I hope, be a first step toward a new synthesis of 2 seemingly distant but intimately related fields of inquiry, and at the very least represents an intriguing compendium of well-developed case studies of the complexities of disease systems.
Once the lean creates the desired body angle, the first step is very important.
While I feel this is a good first step, I wonder if this type of organization will get to the heart of the problem when it comes to auditor independence.
Common Ground Community and The Architectural League of New York's First Step Housing design competition ended last week with five entries sharing top honors.
If every person could meet someone from `the other group', away from the spotlight and without an agenda, it could be the first step in opening up a dialogue, and perhaps discovering that he or she has qualities on which a basis of understanding could be built.
In a protracted war, the first step toward peace is a cease-fire," Prejean says in a letter on the project's Web site.
Share your story of that first step or gather inspiration for it by reading firsthand accounts of others' experiences at Outpath.
Generation Xers admit that the first step is the scariest.
But Diaz and others who share his work for the National Biodiversity Institute (INBio), a conservation organization in Costa Rica, believe identifying these species is the first step to saving them from possible extinction.
The first step is to hypothetically reapply the PCM to all long-term contracts completed or adjusted in the current year using actual (rather than estimated) total contract price and contract costs (Regs.
Helping the Depressed Child The first step in helping the depressed child is to recognize that the child is, in fact, depressed.