first sacker

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(baseball) the person who plays first base

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Despite criticism (Terry Pluto claimed he played first base with all the grace of a blacksmith strumming a harp), the first sacker gradually improved his defensive efforts.
Lister tried to score on the play, but first sacker Harry Swacina gunned him down at the plate.
The slick fielding first sacker anchored a solid infield of Mike Goliat (13 HR, 64 RBI) at second, shortstop Granny Hamner (11 HR, 82 RBI, .
The modest first sacker attributed his two great seasons partly to luck:
Vernon enjoyed three good pre-war seasons as Washington's first sacker.
Jimmie Foxx hit 480 as a first sacker, Willie McCovey, 439, and Eddie Murray, 409.
From June 26, 1983 through April 14, 1985, Steve Garvey established a big league mark for first sackers by going 193 consecutive games without committing a fielding error.