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They brought forcibly to one's mind the night of ages when the primeval man, evolving the first rudiments of cookery from his dim conscious ness, scorched lumps of flesh at a fire of sticks in the company of other good fellows; then, gorged and happy, sat him back among the gnawed bones to tell his artless tales of experience--the tales of hun ger and hunt--and of women, perhaps!
I would urge on any young student in landscape painting, the importance of painting direct from Nature as soon as he shall have acquired the first rudiments of Art," advised Durand.
After the first rudiments of culture, such as learning to read and write, an individual goes on assimilating new ideas and concepts by paying attention to what people, books or any other kind of written and visual matter tell him.
Webster persuaded Washington to consider only Americans for the job, saying, "What would European nations think of this country if, after the exhibition of great talents and achievements in the war for independence, we should send to Europe for men to teach the first rudiments of learning?