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the first presentation of a bill in a legislature

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The National Assembly will also discuss a report of its Financial and Economic Committee on the initiative of the assembly on amendment of the Customs Act in the first reading phase.
The agenda of the meeting includes the sworn for members of the House of Representatives who were holding government positions, and alternatives for those who occupied ministerial positions or Vice-President of the Republic and the first reading of the draft law to the Council of the Federation.
Lithuania will aim the ABS Regulation to be adopted at the first reading, said ambassador Ar?
I do not then, however, prepare for hearing the second reading by remembering, "okay, this reading has nothing to do with the first reading and psalm; this is picking up the story where the second reading left off last week .
OPPONENTS of plans to sell off Royal Mail are infuriated that a controversial Bill, paving the way for its partial sale, was sneaked into the Commons for its first reading.
The respective amendments were introduced followed after consideration of the 2009 public budget in the first reading, said Deputy Finance Minister Arzybek Kojoshev during session of the Parliamentary Committee on Industry, Trade, Tourism, Small and Medium-Sized Business, Transport, Communications, Construction and Architecture today during consideration of the 2009 budget law in the second reading.
It passed by a vote of three to two on first reading, with a final vote scheduled for July 24.
European Council last week formally closed the first reading on the new EU-OPS Regulation, which seeks to integrate technical requirements and administrative procedures in the field of civil aviation.
Ever since first reading The Odyssey, Atwood has been haunted by the fate of Penelope's 12 handmaidens, brutally hanged without explanation as part of the carnage that accompanied Odysseus's return to Ithaca after his 20-year absence.
Ottawa--With minimal attention from a media almost totally absorbed in the ramming through of the Liberals' same-sex "marriage" and budget legislation, a Bloc Quebecois MP snuck in a first reading of Bill C-407 on June 15, 2005.
Climbing the ladder: In her career, Ciarlo was Cranston's first reading consultant, Director of Reading for 19 years, Director of Curriculum and Assistant Superintendent.
Next, the first reading is chosen, usually from one of the books of the Old Testament, or from the Acts of the Apostles in Eastertime.
Approved on first reading by parliament, the directive is expected to make regulatory requirements less burdensome for reinsurers by allowing supervision by reinsurers' "home state" regulators that would be valid anywhere in the EU.
The original wording of the bill, which passed first reading last year, took a "shotgun effect" to all industry, including mineral exploration, he says.
The basic information required to have a go at doing your first reading is all there, and written in a way that is easy to understand .