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Lerner must look back and ask how a shrewd operator such as himself lost sight of the first principle of owning a sports club: Get a top man to run it, then back him.
Nyvlt tackles monism versus dualism in three ways: (1) whether the universe can be accounted for by a single first principle or whether at least two must be posited; (2) whether intellect is intrinsically multiple, such that a First Principle, in order to be simple, must be beyond intellect and knowledge; (3) the nature of the ontological divide or "dualism" between God and the world.
Dynamic modeling and predictive control in solid oxide fuel cells; first principle and data-based approaches.
In her letter Ms Ellis says: "We consider the report in question to be exempt from the Act under section 40 as it contains personal data and disclosure would breach the First Principle of the Data Protection Act.
A variety of scientific topics are covered, including the law of non-contradiction, a fundamental first principle of thought putatively put into doubt by quantum mechanics (and by the liar's paradox), the new essentialism in biology, and the fit between contemporary theory of evolution and Aristotle's views on species or natural kinds.
SIXTY-seven years ago, on my first regular Army-run NCOs cadre course, I was taught that the first principle of leadership was personal example.
Multiphysics modeling using COMSOL; a first principle approach.
Mr Mooney is, of course, a quangoist whose first principle is to perpetuate the quango to convince the public that without it the world would come to an end.
One of the most popular self-improvement books of the 1990s, Steven Coveys Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, listed as its first principle, "Begin with the End in Mind.
The first principle underlined is that truth cannot contradict truth; there cannot be a real contrast or conflict between a truth of faith--or revealed truth--and a truth of reason, because both have God as origin.
LaFollette's World Hunger and Morality, says Singer's first principle is "obviously true.
His first principle is what he calls the principle of "unknowing," (5) we come together in inter-religious dialogue because we don't know; we don't know, at the deepest level, the nature and will of the divine.
I was elated to see the recent change in the first principle [to use homeownership to build wealth] of the Declaration of Financial Empowerment (DOFE).
The switch has been installed at the trading floors of financial institutions First Principle and ANZ Bank, and the design company Frog Design.
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