first period

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the first division into which the play of a game is divided

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The addition of these products will be a significant improvement for our core customers, mothers and daughters looking to have the first period conversation, and will be a great way for this group to gain access to product coupons to purchase of Kotex brand products.
The Dot Girl's First Period Kit, currently sold through http://www.
The Ducks' first two goals came 26 seconds apart midway through the first period.
It was observed that during the first period, students only listened to comments and suggestions of teachers and close friends within the same projects.
Since I teach classes in the second, third, and fourth periods, I have two office aides come in for the first period and a single aide in for the second, third, fourth, and sixth periods.
NYSE:JRN) announced today that for the first period ended January 22, 2006, total revenues for its Publishing and Broadcast groups of $35.
That was just the eighth time in 42 games this season that the Kings held a lead after the first period.
NYSE:JRN) announced today that for the first period ended January 23, 2005, total revenues for its Publishing and Broadcast groups increased 9.
The teams played a scoreless, uninteresting first period in which each team had eight shots on goal.
NYSE:JRN) announced today that for the 25-day first period ended January 25, 2004, revenues of $29.
Dallas scored twice in the first period and twice more in the second.
A more robust statistical analysis showed that on average there is a negative correlation between the performance in the first period and performance in the second period.
The first period was a rarity, a scoreless but entertaining period in which the Kings killed two penalties in the first 10 minutes and had the best scoring chance in the process, on a breakaway by Sean Avery.
Net profit margin remained at 35% for the first period of 2002.
He remarked, "Because of seasonal factors affecting demand in the foodservice industry, the first period historically has not been the strongest quarter of the year for Performance Food Group.