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someone convicted for the first time

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If all first offenders arrested in that quarter, including those convicted of negligent driving, had gotten interlocks, the rate would have dropped from 9.
Ramsell also predicts a "sympathy factor" on the part of the courts and even prosecutors and municipal enforcement authorities for first offenders that will result in more suspensions being rescinded by agreement.
Under the program, first offenders are diverted from the juvenile justice system and tried by junior high and high school students, with community service sentences being imposed.
The maximum fine for using a hand-held mobile telephone while driving will be doubled from pounds 30 to pounds 60, and endorsable with three points for first offenders.
What concerns us is that under present proposals first offenders will still only get a pounds 200 fixed penalty notice when stopped by police.
The study of 333 first offenders tracked for two years showed 80.
I have never advocated custodial sentences for first offenders.
In state prisons, 41 percent of first offenders have used drugs regularly, compared to 63 percent of inmates with two prior convictions, and 81 percent of those with five or more.
Meanwhile, first offenders with more than 80 milligrammes would be banned for 18 months.
While maximum penalties might, in theory, serve preventive purposes, State laws mandating progressive discipline precluded the courts from imposing long jail sentences on both first offenders and recidivists.