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the sum of the values of a random variable divided by the number of values

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It is also important to note that, in close collaboration with Tourism of Portugal, which was felt from the very first moment, is already active a support and information phone line (351 211140200), which works from 9 am to 7 pm.
I've loved it from the first moment I arrived here," he explained.
The first moment of truth will come when we learn what percentage of companies have been able to win certification for Section 404 compliance, the last section of the law to be phased in.
At the first moment of success, your short-term memory is most in your control.
It was the first moment when a portion of the sellout crowd began to leave the stadium.
gt;From the first moment he is working with top leadership: Mike Hopkins, vice president and manager of Crowley's Port Everglades Terminal; and Rinus Schepen, senior vice president and general manager--Latin America services.
One, First Moment (all works 2003), belongs to a series of installations sharing the name "Ganzfeld" (Total Field), 1976-, a German scientific term for a uniform environment created for psycho-perceptual experimentation in which subjects are deprived of sensory stimuli.
That one indivisible instant is both the first moment of eternity and the last of our earthly journey.
At the first moment turn away from unclean thinking -- at the first moment.
Identification of the personality or "mind track" must be done in the first moment of the phone call.
From the first moment a breach is suspected, these managers will help assess the severity of the situation, advise as to regulatory and consumer notification requirements, and craft a customized resolution and customer service program.
In addition, although the defendant must pay all his own costs which can be very substantial, from the first moment of making a complaint, the costs to the complainant are covered by the government.
From the first moment I saw her, I thought her line was beautiful," says Malakhov.
Summoned in this darkly vatic work is something like the first moment of consciousness as imagined by philosopher and psychoanalyst Erich Neumann: a vivid and terrible vision of lift eating itself.
Cipher's CEO Peter McKenney states, "We're proud to offer a new solution to the CI community that is simple and effective from the first moment of use.