first mate

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the officer below the master on a commercial ship


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Officials from the prosecutor's office said they were the captain of the vessel and his first mate.
World's Leading Spirits Company Launches Campaign with $10,000 Donation from the Captain Morgan First Mate Fund (TM) to iPads for Soldiers
The First Mate MS series cameras are identical in external appearance.
Soviet Song: Coolmore sire will be mare's first mate
The coach (Lombardi) had been confronted, the captain of the ship facing a mutinous crew, with the first mate (Gregg) staring him down face-to-face.
First, virgin snails don't shoot a dart when they first mate, and other snails flub the shot about half the time.
The 20-minute show is set in the African jungle, where notorious pirate Captain Cod and his first mate Sealion Mr Clive are returning to their lair in the Temple of Gloom.
Captain Oliver and first mate Rosie decide to settle down as farmers--but their troubles growing grain and making friends comes from bad reputations as pirates--until a storm comes up and Captain Oliver's expertise might save the day.
This account of the tragic fate of the Nantucket whaleship Essex and her crew was compiled from the narratives of her surviving first mate, Owen Chase, and cabin boy, Thomas Nickerson.
All of these re-mated females had shown receptivity displays before accepting their first mate.
Captain of the Dione was Frederick John Collier Hood, 32, of from Dover while Jordan, then 37, was first mate.
A man who identified himself as first mate Viktor Nikolsky said the hijackers were asking for a ransom but he did not know how much.
The first mate said the crew contacted Turkey's Embassy in Madrid but expressed regret that no authority came to see them.
Chase the son of the first mate on the Essex, rammed and sunk
After many weeks' fruitless searching, the first mate went to the captain.