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one's native language

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Find out about the languages of your school community, including students' first languages and heritage languages.
Knowing students' first languages is the first step in determining whether they are EAL/D learners.
Find out if there are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander elders or other community members who can talk to you about students' first languages.
For example, they may feel that they will be judged negatively by the school if SAE is not their first language.
Some speak Standard Australian English as their first language or a fully fluent additional language.
First language is the language or languages acquired during infancy from the child's close environment.
The dialects can be quite different to SAE, and this is why students who speak Aboriginal English as a first language, who are not yet fluent in SAE, are 'EAL/D learners', just like creole and traditional language speaking students.
There are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students who speak SAE as a first language.
In this study, demographic variables of interest such as age, gender, first language, major, parental first language and birthplace, self-assessed language proficiency were investigated.
And adults who learn a second language not only tend to retain a foreign accent -- in this case, English -- but also to employ simplified, often faulty grammar and to import words from their first language.
Address first language literacy as well as second language learning.