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one's native language

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The research started with discussions and interviews with students, about where and how we might use a first language.
Most students demonstrated a basic understanding of the terms language and first language.
They took texts home to practice with their parents and were keen to teach their peers some words in their first language.
Students making connections with English and their first language, evidenced in their discussions
At the conclusion of this research study, my students and I now look on their first language as being a valued and necessary part of school and learning.
Half of those subjects were written as first languages, including, Afrikaans, Portuguese, Oshikwanyama, Oshindonga, Rukwangali, Rumanyo, Silozi and Thimbukushu.
It is very wrong for a student to fail the first language which they speak at home and this is just an indication that there is a problem with the education system," said Haingura.
In some schools in central and northern Australia all students have first languages that are traditional languages.
Find out about the languages of your school community, including students' first languages and heritage languages.
Knowing students' first languages is the first step in determining whether they are EAL/D learners.
Find out if there are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander elders or other community members who can talk to you about students' first languages.
For example, they may feel that they will be judged negatively by the school if SAE is not their first language.
Some speak Standard Australian English as their first language or a fully fluent additional language.
Address first language literacy as well as second language learning.
And adults who learn a second language not only tend to retain a foreign accent -- in this case, English -- but also to employ simplified, often faulty grammar and to import words from their first language.