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Synonyms for intention

Synonyms for intention

Synonyms for intention

an anticipated outcome that is intended or that guides your planned actions

(usually plural) the goal with respect to a marriage proposal

an act of intending

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Explaining the purpose of the exhibition, Linen Hall librarian John Gray states "our first intention was to open doors to understanding and in an accessible way for our own community.
Sphere Medicalhas obtained its first intention to buy from Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham in the UK and there are more than 20 prospects in the sales pipeline, of which 10 product evaluations on patients are planned in the first quarter.
As agents it was absolutely our first intention to recommend that Marco van Ginkel stay in the Netherlands," said Rob Jansenfrom SportPromotion, the agency who oversaw Van Ginkel's summer transfer, (http://www.
It was difficult but my first intention was to stay and with any contract there is always going to be a little bit of negotiation.
Our first intention if we win the September 13 election is to expand the board by adding Bierbaum and Ness, a move expressly allowed by Northfield's bylaws," said Coates.
Bruce also has other targets on the playing side after succeeding in his first intention, the longerterm capture of Vickers who has been on loan at St Andrew's since November 16.
Our first intention was to bring Claudio to Dens and not to sell him to anyone else but now, obviously, we have to see what kind of money they are thinking about.
Our first intention was not to sell Claudio but we have to see what kind of money they are thinking about.
Mr Newby said: "Our first intention was to build a tent city for emergency accommodation away from the main disaster area.
1) The first intention is realized in the completed work, the second is notoriously open-ended.
Our first intention will be to convert this facility for use as a terminal and logistics point for our sodium hydrosulfide (NaHS) and sulfidic sulfur business," stated Nathanson.
The first intention was to certify TBT in this candidate reference material of harbour sediment but the high discrepancies in the results did not encourage the Measurements and Testing Programme to recommend this material as CRM.
In chapter 1, against the background of the question, "Whether the intention of being is the first intention of a thing?
Robinho also admitted his first intention was to move to Chelsea to be coached by Luiz Felipe Scolari but a number of issues led to Real Madrid cancelling negotiations.
It really wasn't my first intention to build something this quick," admitted Bearsden- based Ken, "before getting the car my last hobby of yacht sailing had turned into a job, so I needed something new for my spare time.
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