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the first of two halves of play

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Economic growth in our major Asian trading partners (other than Japan) appears to have picked up again this year after slowing noticeably during the second half of 1995 from the extremely rapid rates recorded in 1994 and the first half of 1995.
The improvement in results in the first half year shows that Heidelberg has made further progress towards improving its profitability," stated Heidelberg CFO, Dirk Kaliebe.
With about two minutes left in the first half and clinging to a seven-point lead, UCLA was first-and-goal from the 6.
The activity was in Central Nassau, where net absorption swung from negative 142,000 SF in the first half of 2001 to positive 188,000 SF in first half of 2002.
Operating profits before loan losses and taxes amounted to NOK 1,355 million in the first half of 1994, as against NOK 2,263 million in the first half of last year.
Reflecting the Federal Reserve's policy actions and generally weak credit demands, short-term interest rates declined appreciably during the first half of the year.
With the filing of our results for the first half of the year, we have completed another difficult chapter as we move forward in our effort to transform Doral's business and operations into a higher margin financial services enterprise," stated Glen Wakeman, Chief Executive Officer.
They started Thomas as opposed to James Jones, and Thomas had 10points and 11 rebounds in the first half.
Central London saw a 20% quarter-on-quarter increase in leasing in the second quarter, bringing total activity for the first half of 2002 to 4.
Gross profit for the first half of 1994 amounted to NIS 22,777,000 ($7,505,000) as compared to NIS 20,732,000 ($6,831,000) in the first half of 1993.
The rate of expansion of domestic nonfinancial sector debt also slowed in the first half of this year compared with 1988, though by less than the monetary aggregates; debt has grown about 8 percent so far this year, near the middle of its monitoring range of 6 1/2 to 10 1/2 percent.
Former Clipper Andre Miller, however, had a big first half for the Nuggets with 14 points, six rebounds and six assists.
As a result, the county's overall velocity for 2002 reached the same level as the first half of last year at 381,610 SF and surpassed the second half by 47%.
de Havilland, chairman, at the Company's annual meeting here, noted that overall, the Company's net loss declined to $1,324,000 in the first half of 1993 from $1,365,000 in the comparable year-ago six months.