index finger

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the finger next to the thumb

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It was all very real, very big, very impersonal, and after a moment or two she began to raise her first finger and to let it fall on the arm of her chair so as to bring back to herself some consciousness of her own existence.
1, I should say, are a man's finger-prints; thumb and first finger.
Unaided he had worked out a method of his own for putting an edge upon the shell--he even tested it with the ball of his thumb-- and when it met with his approval he grasped a wisp of hair which fell across his eyes, grasped it between the thumb and first finger of his left hand and sawed upon it with the sharpened shell until it was severed.
At the first finger his father laid on him, however, he shrieked again louder than before, and struggled as if he would go into convulsions.
I had to hit the keys so hard that I strained my first fingers to the elbows, while the ends of my fingers were blisters burst and blistered again.
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