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A fourth method that could be used would be using the concept of the first derivative and second derivative of y = a[x.
For instance, if the product of the FAP density and the first derivative of the coverage probability [[lambda].
In present paper we investigate some new Hermite-Hadamard type inequalities for functions whose first derivative are pre-invex function.
2-A and 2-B represent the ATR-FTIR spectra of normal and first derivative of 12 blended oils respectively which clearly show the variation in the absorption bands could be related to compositional differences among oil groups.
This method (4) requires two function and three first derivative evaluations per iteration and have sixth order convergence.
Because the gradient slowly rises to an abrupt slant (increases) than slowly comes back to 0 (decreases), the derivative of the derivative shows where the peak of the first derivative is located, or where the center of the edge is.
176) First Derivative Traders ("First Derivative"), representing a class of plaintiffs who owned Adviser Parent stock, sued Adviser Parent and Adviser for violations of [section] 10(b) and RulelOb-5, alleging that Adviser Parent and Adviser "caused mutual fund prospectuses to be issued for Janus mutual funds and made them available to the investing public, which created the misleading impression that [Adviser Parent and Adviser] would implement measures to curb market timing in the Janus [mutual funds].
First Derivative Traders, (2) the Supreme Court produced a decision worthy of Janus, the two-faced Roman god whose image appears on Janus Capital's corporate logo.
Respondent, First Derivative Traders, was a class of plaintiffs
8] have presented a method of getting a better interpolation capability using the primary variable and its first derivative, as is shown in Eq.
Fortunately, (5) is continuous and is used to provide the needed methods via its first derivative (6).
First Derivative Traders, concluding that the Supreme Court correctly interpreted Rule 10b-5 in its decision; however, the Court left open the question of who has "ultimate authority" leaving the district courts and circuit courts to determine the answer.
where Ai'([rho](x)) is the first derivative of the Airy function and Bi'([rho](x)) is the first derivative of its complement.
Similarly, they make it possible for the first derivative of the regression curve to be calculated, thereby enabling the different stages of growth to be defined as the species increases in size.
max] is automatically calculated when the first derivative tangent angle [alpha], Fig.