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an agent that is the cause of all things but does not itself have a cause

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It is essential to acknowledge the existence of the First Cause, for a sequence of causes and effects cannot go on indefinitely and we must reach a point where we should come to a cause which is not the effect of any other cause, i.
It is this Self-Sustaining First Cause which not only makes our intellectual life possible but also quite meaningful.
Belief in the existence of an Eternal and First Cause is the common ground between the believers in God and the materialists.
The materialists deny that the First Cause has any intellect.
Kota Neelima's First Cause is on at Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre, Lodi Road, till August 6 (Monday); 10 a.
First Cause was conceived as a screenplay idea in the early 1990s, when West was still an undergraduate; he shelved the project for nearly a decade, and began work again in 1999.
Join us on July 10, 2010 for "The Thoughtful Page Turner" at 7pm at Bluestocking Books in Manhattan for an evening of readings and discussion about First Cause.
About First Cause: First Cause is a novel about human possibility.
As we've discussed, childbirth can be the first cause of VSC.
Environmental hazards first cause "clinically silent damage" to the substantia nigra, they maintain, followed by normal cell loss with aging that promotes progressively worse symptoms.
will be joining together to help with the Lexy Foundation's first cause, an initial donation of $110,000 will be given to the non-for-profit Down Syndrome Resource Center in Albany New York.
The financial pressure to pay investors first causes a cash crunch, often dooming otherwise solid companies to mass layoffs and eventual closure.
Sunburn first causes a burning sensation and only later leads to peeling skin.
The first causes claim denials and reduced payment to providers.
Pre-election content will be available from the first causes and primaries through the general election in November.
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