first base

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the base that must be touched first by a base runner in baseball

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the fielding position of the player on a baseball team who is stationed at first of the bases in the infield (counting counterclockwise from home plate)


the initial stage in accomplishing something

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Utley should be allowed to score, Turner should be awarded second base, and Pederson should be given first base.
5) Statistics were accumulated per game without regard for team; that is, the number of batters reaching first base by any of the seven Ways was counted for each game regardless of whether the event represented a batter from the home team or a batter from the visiting team.
After touching first base, the runner should quickly widen and chop his running steps (what we call "Breaking down") after reaching first base.
In the top of the eighth, the Jays had Edwin Encarnacion on first base and one out when Michael Saunders flied to Odubel Herrera in center field.
The runner must run hard in a loose and relaxed manner and touch the front part of first base with the ball of his foot.
In May, Teligent and its Argentine partner, Telcom Ventures, began network build out in Argentina deploying its first base station link in Buenos Aires.
As Marlon Byrd dashed home from third and crossed the plate with the apparent tying run, Matheny's only play was to get the ball to first base before Burrell got there.
2) Dodgers shortstop Rafael Furcal tags out Pittsburgh's Jack Wilson at second after Wilson was picked off first base in the first inning.
If, for example, a subsequent throw to third gets away from the third baseman, it would be much easier for him to advance to second if he has drifted into fair territory after crossing first base.
If wide-area or highway coverage is needed, AirSite(tm) Base Stations, the world's first base station with free backhaul, deliver the lowest cost coverage solution available.
If he doesn't, the plate umpire will invoke the penalty aspect of the rule, which would keep Gardner on third, because he wasn't forced to advance, and award Ellsbury first base.
The veteran first baseman left the game in the sixth inning after coming up lame while running out a groundball to first base.
The basic principles of bunting toward third base for a base hit can generally be applied to bunting toward first base or bunting firmly past the pitcher toward the second baseman.
If the batter-runner had first base made when the ball was touched, he would score.
Kotchman's absence left a void at first base that the Angels have scrambled to fill all season.