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an amendment to the Constitution of the United States guaranteeing the right of free expression

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The discussion moved to "Digital Democracy: Media, Politics, and Speech in the Digital Era," featuring Floyd Abrams, a lawyer with expertise in First Amendment and media litigation who is the author of The Soul of the First Amendment; Jameel Jaffer, executive director of Columbia University's Knight First Amendment Institute, focusing on First Amendment rights in the digital age; and Ross Lajeunesse, who heads Google's international relations, focusing on creating a free and open Internet worldwide.
forces contribute to both First Amendment opportunism and First
Perry Sook, Nexstar -- First Amendment Service Award
It led to the creation of the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom, which in turn set the stage for the First Amendment.
Every time the Supreme Court rules on a First Amendment case, it further defines what rights the Amendment does--and doesn't--protect.
Although the First Amendment guarantees a free press, there have always been tensions between the press and the government.
Students who have taken classes covering the media or the First Amendment (i.
The report points out that "high school attitudes about the First Amendment are important because each generation of citizens helps define what freedom means in our society.
In a unanimous decision, the Court reversed a ruling by the Virginia Supreme Court that a state housing agency's policy of authorizing the police to serve notice on any person lacking a "legitimate business or social purpose" for being on the premises and to arrest for trespassing any person who remains or returns after having been so notified was an unconstitutionally overbroad First Amendment violation.
Federal Trade Commission, filed in Federal District Court in Colorado (and including the American Teleservices Association as a plaintiff), similar allegations were made concerning the First Amendment and equal protection.
Although today's opinion does not expressly strip the press of First Amendment protection, there is no principle of law or logic that would prevent the application of the Court's reasoning in that setting.
McGraw-Hill refused, claiming its First Amendment rights to protect confidential sources who did not wish to be identified, and asked the court to uphold that refusal.
Such freedom of speech, guaranteed under the First Amendment of the U.
Kasky never claimed he was injured by Nike's words, a usual requirement in First Amendment cases.
While awaiting a ruling on the BMA's injunction request, Andrew Ross sat down with NYU law professor and First Amendment specialist Amy Adler to help navigate the questions raised by this latest assault in the culture wars.
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