firmness of purpose

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In order to be successful, you must have firmness of purpose.
Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said was among those great men of our nation who were born to serve their people and worked with determination, dedication and firmness of purpose and did a lot for the betterment of their nation.
This decade is again one in which we have to show our own firmness of purpose, and to chart a successful course for our nation.
But both schemes will need adequate resources and firmness of purpose if they are to make a genuine impact.
Mensch, a Yiddish word, describes a person with the admirable characteristics of fortitude and firmness of purpose.
Only a similar firmness of purpose will enable school boards and superintendents to do what must be done.
Firmness of purpose, determination, willing to go against what was then the prevailing public opinion, because we knew what the right thing to do was.