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The first phase of DT was conducted July 6 - - 12, 1994 and consisted of a series of firings against challenging subsonic and supersonic targets in both benign and severe electronic countermeasures (ECM) -- or jamming -- environments.
When the bar position changed, the number of spikes sent along one of the visual neurons didn't change, but the pattern of firing -- the spacing of spikes in the spike train -- did change in a very reproducible way.
Mike O'Dwyer said the firings successfully demonstrated the integration of Metal's Storm generic 40mm Ballistics System with the remotely operated UAV.
Workplace fraud, absenteeism and harassment accounted for 74 of the 95 firings in the period covered by this review.
These successful firings also enable us to progress to the next stage of product development involving the use of high explosive and bursting munitions in the Metal Storm stacked round configuration," Mr Vehlow said.
color) Test stand 1-D holds a rocket engine for a test firing in this file photo from the 1960s.
In line with the company's product development plans, the success of these firings materially advances Metal Storm technology by demonstrating a 'conversion capability' for conventional ammunition in a Metal Storm weapon system.
The stand's deluge system - which sprays water to keep the test stand cool during firings - is being fitted with a recycling system so the water can be reused on later tests.
The successful 10" diameter, 100lbs of propellant motor firing is the first of a series of planned motor firings using the ARC-produced HTPE polymer.
Eight more test firings are planned at Stennis before the engines are delivered to Palmdale.
A new improved motor will undergo multiple test firings over the next two months as part of a SpaceDev contract with the National Reconnaissance Office to demonstrate hybrid motor technology for the MTV.
The committee voted to ask the district for a ``cooling down period'' before carrying out the firings, which are scheduled to take effect Feb.
Lockheed Martin officials say the one-tenth scale linear aerospike engine was troubled by liquid oxygen leaks, and they had derived enough information in two firings on the ground and five flights to test engine characteristics and gas flows.
The FDA emphasized that over the past 10 years - during which, it is worth noting, pacemaker and ICD patients have passed through anti-theft security gates literally hundreds of millions of times - the government has received just 18 so-called medical device reports involving electronic security systems and pacemakers, and just two involving electronic security systems and inappropriate firings by defibrillators.