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a squad formed to fire volleys at a military funeral or to carry out a military execution

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Mr Stones' uncle, Joseph 'Will' Stones, a sergeant in the Durham Light Infantry, was shot by firing squad after a court martial found him guilty of casting away his weapon.
She said the council planned to join a campaign to call for the Government to grant a "Millennium Pardon" to these soldiers and to recognise the distress caused to the men's families and relatives of those who formed the firing squads.
The Koreans had assembled over a hundred peasants -- men, women and children -- in a field in the Commonwealth Brigade's area and had set up a firing squad.
He complained of a "nervous stomach" as the firing squad at Utah jail prepared - but this was the way he wanted to go.
Utah originally used firing squads in executions before the method was repealed in 2004, but there are a handful of inmates on death row that have chosen the method for their execution because they were sentenced before 2004.
FIRING squads could return in America to execute deathrow prisoners - because EU firms are refusing to supply lethal injections.
Firing squads aim for the heart, so death takes a moment.
Wyoming lawmakers are talking about changing the law to allow the firing squad, while their counterparts in Utah have proposed repealing a law that ended firing squads for prisoners convicted after 2004.
VIETNAM yesterday banned executions by firing squads in favour of lethal injections.
When conservatism was riding high during the Reagan era, the Gipper himself decreed that no member of the movement should speak ill of another Presumably, he would be appalled by the current conservative propensity for circular firing squads.
The Dublin-born cleric, who works with death row prisoners in Indonesia, claimed firing squads were cruel and could not be guaranteed to bring instant death.
But as the holy month neared and the bombers' lawyers launched a constitutional challenge against the use of firing squads, the government appeared to back off and said it would wait until after Ramadan.
Although none were seriously injured, many were beaten, blindfolded, isolated and lined up for mock firing squads.
It is described as "a compelling story that retraces the steps taken by an eight-year-old child visiting his father and two uncles, condemned pilots sentenced to Cuba's firing squads.
In a nationwide anti-crime crackdown in China, hundreds of people have been hauled in front of firing squads for drugtrafficking, robbery and other offences in recent weeks.