firing squad

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a squad formed to fire volleys at a military funeral or to carry out a military execution

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And after a string of botched executions with jabs around the country, Utah approved a bid to bring back firing squads.
However, the country's area governors have already been given the right to resort to the firing squad, the sources said.
The execution was carried out at 4pm on Christmas Day by a three-man firing squad after the military tribunal trial.
The bill does not detail the process for assembling a firing squad.
Summary: A Utah firing squad shot to death a convicted killer early on Friday in the third US execution by that means since 1976.
Summary: SALT LAKE CITY, Jun 18, SPA -- A Utah firing squad shot to death a convicted killer early on Friday in the third U.
A convicted killer has been executed by firing squad in the US state of Utah, reviving a style of justice that has not been used for 14 years.
A BRITON who faces the firing squad in Dubai would be spared if he tells police where he allegedly hid his ex-girlfriend's body.
A MURDERER is to be granted his final wish - put to death by a firing squad.
The Hamas rulers of the Gaza Strip said on Thursday that two Palestinians convicted by a military court of collaborating with Israel have been executed by firing squad.
BAHRAIN could soon stop executions by firing squad, after the method was declared unconventional and outdated by MPs yesterday.
Summary: A Hamas military court in Gaza Strip on Sunday sentenced three former Fatah security agents to death by firing squad for the 2007 killing of two journalists at a pro-Hamas newspaper.
Now it's just a circular firing squad with everybody attacking each other and no coherent belief system, no leaders.
Terrorists Imam Samudra, 38, Amrozi bin Nurhasyim, 47, and Ali Ghufron, 48, were executed on Saturday in the Indonesian island prison of Nusakambangan by a firing squad.
And the overwhelming feeling on this mainly Hindu island of temples, rice paddies and tropical beaches is that the government should not wait another day before executing the bombers by firing squad.