firing squad

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a squad formed to fire volleys at a military funeral or to carry out a military execution

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A Sri Lankan executed by the firing squad in Sharjah after he was found guilty of murdering an Emirati businessman by mowing him down with his car.
Ledford proposes that the firing squad is a readily implemented and more reliable alternative method of execution that would eliminate the risks posed to him by lethal injection," his lawyers said in court papers filed last week.
Many criminals and patriots were executed here either by firing squad or by the garrote, an instrument that has since become synonymous with the evils of the Spanish colonial period.
He was accused of being anti-revolutionary following a probe and a firing squad execution was carried out in July.
A British granny on a Bali death row fears she will be the next to face a firing squad.
Australians Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan were executed by firing squad along with six other drug convicts from several countries shortly after midnight on Wednesday.
Whereas a firing squad, you reach the death obviously in three to five seconds.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Lawmakers in the US state of Utah have passed a bill that would make the state the only one in America to authorize the use of firing squads for the executions of death row inmates if the state can't obtain lethal injection drugs, media report said.
According to Amnesty International, death sentences in Indonesia are carried out by firing squad.
A Utah state lawmaker was scorned by popular opinion for saying the firing squad is more humane than the lethal cocktail.
Summary: Firing squad executes suspected Shebab militants in front of small crowd of military officials and spectators at police academy in Mogadishu.
Is execution by a firing squad cruel and unusual punishment?
The Ministry of Interior has authorized regional governors to approve execution by a firing squad as an alternative.
Television pictures showed his corpse lying against a wall with blood oozing from an apparent head wound after being shot by a three-man army firing squad.