firing pin

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striker that ignites the charge by striking the primer

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Pull the firing pin striker rod/sear out of the bolt body and slip the bolt handle back and off of the bolt body.
When the trigger is released, the hammer rebounds far away enough that the firing pin is out of contact with the cartridge, and the bar is raised between the hammer and frame.
Manual safety devices, operated by the shooter, generally block the hammer from contacting the firing pin, disable the trigger mechanism, or perform both of these duties.
This is not the first time there's been an electronic firing pin,'' Kiske admits, ``but it is a different design than the others.
The new pistol will also feature a firing pin block in the slide.
22-caliber rifle barrel, a firing pin detonates a gunpowder-filled blank.
Features include an adjustable target rear sight, external oversized extractor, magazine well extension, 30 LPI front strap checkering, unique slide serrations, a firing pin block safety system independent of trigger pull, match barrel, fully checkered wine colored laminate grips, an ambidextrous manual safety and a Performance Center gun rug.
I know you have to pull the trigger to release the firing pin so it can fire, but is the "cocked" state enough to cause a chambered round to fire if the firing pin falls on its own?
issue, Layne Simpson says: "Like most rifles of military design, AR-15s have a floating firing pin.
While 90 degrees can be a problem with some scopes mounted low to the receiver, the longer rotational arc gives us more leverage against our bolt lift nemesis, the firing pin spring.
This is due in part because the firing pin in the SKS is free floating.
Joseph von Benedikt makes no reference to a firing pin lock on the Kimber Micro, such as the Colt Mustang Series 80 pistols have.
On bolt actions it's relatively easy to arrange for the safety to hold the firing pin back.