firing pin

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striker that ignites the charge by striking the primer

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The new 2-piece firing pin system prevents the lightweight forward pin (fitted with a rebound spring) from striking the firing pin without the blow of the hammer.
Replace the firing pin if the tip is deformed, bent or broken.
The bolt carrier travels forward and releases the firing pin assembly when the bolt is fully in the battery position.
When the firing pin is in the SAFE position (3 o'clock), it should be fully retracted.
A loaded-chamber indicator and cocked firing pin status indicator round out the XD's unique safety features.
A I do not know of any commercial source for a firing pin for this rifle.
If the hammer lifts just a little, the cylinder can rotate, and the bolt is nowhere near a cylinder notch--all that prevents cylinder rotation--until the firing pin is over the cartridge's primer.
Was the line earlier in the article just something to take up space and ink, or is there some kind of striker that is like a firing pin but Kahr calls a striker?
That way you know you're installing a good firing pin.
The XD features a grip safety, USA (Ultra Safety Assurance) trigger safety and a firing pin block, drop safety.
When a gun is fired without a cartridge in the chamber, the firing pin is thrown forward in the bolt or breech.
Examining the action in detail, it is hammerless with a light, in-line firing pin powered by a strong, coiled mainspring.
It also has an L-shaped firing pin with the "L" at the back of the bolt.
The only gaging required for the M249 is for breech bore erosion, trigger pull, headspace and firing pin protrusion.
The bolt has a recessed face with dual locking lugs, firing pin safety, cartridge guide with ejector for positive feeding without bullet head damage, and claw extractor for positive extraction.