firing party

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a squad formed to fire volleys at a military funeral or to carry out a military execution

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The six coffins, each covered with the Union Flag, were preceded by the firing party.
Mr Coyle was prominent in the INLA and in 1977 was one of the firing party at the funeral of IRSP founder Seamus Costello in Bray, Co Wicklow.
A 12-strong firing party fired three volleys of shots at the end of the funeral service.
And an Army bugler and drummer played as he made his final journey to the nearby cemetery where a firing party shot three volleys over his grave.
Their colleagues from 38 Engineer Regiment carried the coffin past a guard-of-honour formed by members of the Royal British Legion and an eightman firing party from Sapper Quinsey's regiment.
Around 200 people lined both sides of Highters Heath Lane as the coffin was carried into the church by six pall-bearers from 38 Engineer Regiment past a guard-of-honour formed by members of the Royal British Legion and an eight-man firing party from Sapper Quinsey's regiment.
The purpose of having one rifle loaded with a blank round was to offer faint hope to the men of the firing party prior to the exe cution that they would not actually fire a shot into the prisoner.
The church service was followed by a cremation at South Shields Crematorium, where a firing party paid a three-shot salute.
As the same soldiers carried the coffin out of the church, followed by Cpl Gilyeat's tearful family, a firing party consisting of eight Royal Military Police soldiers each fired three shots into the air as a salute to Cpl Gilyeat.
Her funeral was attended by an honor guard, pall bearers, and firing party from the Navy Ceremonial Guard, along with family and friends.
A bearer party from the regiment will carry Lance Corporal Muirhead's coffin into the church and a firing party and buglers from the regiment will also attend.
The three-man firing party, Sheragha, Matin and another Sheragha, were watching them through binoculars.
We get our weapons early and practice firing for about an hour before a funeral," said SPC Vance Meier, a member of the firing party of Co.
You definitely don't get much sleep; maybe an hour or two a night for awhile," said Airman Apprentice Andrew Bartlett, a new member of the guard's firing party.