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Synonyms for firework

(usually plural) a device with an explosive that burns at a low rate and with colored flames

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Time: 7pm Cost: Free Saturday 7 November Blaydon Rugby Football Club Firework Display, Swalwell, Gateshead Time: Fairground opens at 5pm.
Today Lepton Highlanders |Halloween bonfire and firework display, Wakefield Road, Lepton.
Safety tips and video are available online to promote the safe and responsible use of fireworks this holiday
Only adults should deal with firework displays and the lighting of fireworks.
MESSING with illegal fireworks is like playing with explosives - that's the message from police in the run-up to November 5.
4th of july brings together families and friends to enjoy food, fun activities and fireworks.
Fireworks not only injure users, 40 percent of firework mishaps also injure bystanders.
Next, the pyrotechnicians pack in pellets called "stars" that will give each firework its color.
The police now have new powers to deal with numerous firework offences:
The measures under the Firework Act 2003 also ban members of the public from possessing high-powered fireworks used in professional displays.
The government will also draft regulations before the end of the year to enshrine in law the firework industry's current voluntary ban on airbombs.
THE RUC has also come under firework attack, with scores of officers hurt in the last month.
Injuries most often occur on the face or hand, and burns make up roughly 50% of firework injuries.
In fact, the largest firework display was in Portugal in 2006, utilizing 66,326 fireworks, according to Guinness World Records.
However, fireworks can be both fun and safe and Birmingham will be staging two of its own firework spectaculars: on Saturday November 4 at Pype Hayes Park and on Sunday November 5 at Edgbaston Cricket Ground.