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Synonyms for fireweed

tall North American perennial with creeping rootstocks and narrow leaves and spikes of pinkish-purple flowers occurring in great abundance in burned-over areas or recent clearings

an American weedy plant with small white or greenish flowers

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The person calling was an editor from Fireweed Press, "and he told me my poem had been accepted, but they wanted me to drop the last two lines from it," she recalls.
This Indicated resource at Fireweed will be targeted by mine engineering for potential conversion to mineral reserves in 2013.
As Buermeyer drives, the forest opens, and large patches of fireweed give way to sagebrush, which in turn give way to groves of aspen and finally to forests of lodgepole pine, subalpine fir and spruce.
Elizabeth Geitz is an Episcopal priest and author of numerous books, including Fireweed Evangelism: Christian Hospitality in a Multi-faith World; Soul Satisfaction: Reclaiming the Divine Feminine; Gender and the Nicene Creed, and is co-editor of Women's Uncommon Prayers.
We're addicted to Infinite Love energy mist from Lotus Wei, and for good reason: it's infused with essential oils and exotic flower essences that include red rose, mandarin, pink magnolia, and wild fireweed, and it's supremely uplifting.
Perseverance Ale is a roasty Russian Imperial Stout-style ale with nuanced flavors thanks to indigenous ingredients such as Alaskan birch syrup, fireweed honey and alder-smoked malts.
The stout was brewed with Alaska birch syrup, fireweed honey and alder-smoked malt--to give the beer a specifically Alaskan character.
New life springs over the devastation: sapling-size lodgepole pines, fuchsia fireweed, golden arnica.
Epilobium angustifolium, commonly known as willow herb or fireweed, is a plant species found in many parts of the world.
Slowly climbing onto a large stump, I began glassing and almost immediately spotted antlers in the fireweed directly below me.
He has written two plays: Fireweed (1992) and For Godly and Divinia (2001).
Now "Obstructed View", a volume of her some of her best work, has been published and made available to the reading public by Madison-based publisher Fireweed Press.
Rosebay willowherb, renowned for its phoenix-like capacity to rise out of ashes on a derelict site is the fireweed that sets the scene orally and visually, taking the strain of the passing of the age of steam.
with fireweed blooming along the frost heaves and merciless rivers
But today, in summertime, there are fireweed flowers to pick and anthills to watch and coffee-can boats to float in the river.