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Synonyms for fireweed

tall North American perennial with creeping rootstocks and narrow leaves and spikes of pinkish-purple flowers occurring in great abundance in burned-over areas or recent clearings

an American weedy plant with small white or greenish flowers

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As Buermeyer drives, the forest opens, and large patches of fireweed give way to sagebrush, which in turn give way to groves of aspen and finally to forests of lodgepole pine, subalpine fir and spruce.
Spearmint leaf Labrador tea flower and leaf Blackcurrant leaf and berries Juniper berry Red clover blossom White clover blossom Wild rose petals and hips Dandelion blossom, leaf, and root Yarrow flower Horsetail Plantain leaf Coltsfoot leaf Wild raspberry leaf Wild strawberry leaf Chamomile tops Shepherd's purse leaf Chickweed leaf and flowers Pigweed leaf Fireweed flowers Cranberries
Beard cites Deanna Reder who proposes the fireweed metaphor as appropriate for all Native autobiography, "the textual equivalent of the relentlessly enduring perennial that is first to appear in earth, scarred by tire, ironically spreading 'like wildfire'" (Deanna Reder "Stories of Destruction and Renewal: Images of Fireweed in Autobiographical Fiction by Shirley Sterline and Tomson Highway" in Eigenbrod and Episkenew Creating Community, 275-94).
Fireweed is a traditional autobiography: in it, Lerner writes of the development of her political consciousness during her childhood in prewar Vienna and her escape from Europe after the annexation of Austria by the Nazis, her immigration to the United States, her marriages and motherhood.
He has written two plays: Fireweed (1992) and For Godly and Divinia (2001).
Now "Obstructed View", a volume of her some of her best work, has been published and made available to the reading public by Madison-based publisher Fireweed Press.
Rosebay willowherb, renowned for its phoenix-like capacity to rise out of ashes on a derelict site is the fireweed that sets the scene orally and visually, taking the strain of the passing of the age of steam.
with fireweed blooming along the frost heaves and merciless rivers
But today, in summertime, there are fireweed flowers to pick and anthills to watch and coffee-can boats to float in the river.
We walked through the US/Canadian border, and Tormented Valley, with its pink fireweed.
From Wells, she continued her education and literary career at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, receiving her Master's degree in English in 1933, along with the Avery Hopwood Award for her novel Fireweed.
Leaving stone behind in two smaller pieces, he chooses tall, slender, intricately realized shapes, a wand of coral (again in polyurethane) supporting a seahorse (a pregnant male, natch), and a pair of six-foot-high fireweed plants, which pick up the lava premise in their name and their coating of volcanic ash.
Right off the bat, support is going to Heather McDonald's Fireweed, about activist Gerda Lerner, and OyamO's WisBom, about a bombing on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus.
The boreal spitdebug feeds on broad-leafed herbaceous plants, including goldenrods and fireweed.
But a richly-coloured blanket of fireweed, alder, berries and fiddle-head fern still covered the hillside.