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(colloquial) the application of maximum thrust

(computing) a security system consisting of a combination of hardware and software that limits the exposure of a computer or computer network to attack from crackers

a fireproof (or fire-resistant) wall designed to prevent the spread of fire through a building or a vehicle

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To combat these forms of image spam, the Barracuda Spam Firewall has been shipping an optical character recognition (OCR) engine since July 2006.
As with all Digex products and services, the new high-speed firewall will be available to all managed hosting and application customers served by WorldCom (Nasdaq: WCOM) through the WorldCom-Digex affiliation.
Barracuda Energize Updates then automatically arm each Barracuda Spam Firewall with the latest definitions.
The Switched Firewall Director is optimized to manage the complex, processing-intensive job of setting up and tearing down secure sessions.
We've been working with several large financial institutions recently that have helped us build specifications for the Firewall Module," said Terry Slattery, founder and CTO of Netcordia.
Kingsville Independent School District in Kingsville, Texas, implemented the Barracuda Spyware Firewall 410 earlier this year at all 12 school facilities in the district.
Using a powerful combination of outbound keyword and regular expression scanning, outbound whitelisting, as well as several advanced detection techniques, the Barracuda Spam Firewall - Outbound solutions help organizations and ISPs to ensure that all outgoing email is legitimate and virus-free.
Dedicated application-level firewall vendors should embrace the ICSA certification as quickly as possible to differentiate their solutions from those they feel are not true substitutes.
The Barracuda Spyware Firewall was chosen as anti-spyware "Product of the Year" from an extensive list of products submitted for consideration to SearchWindowsSecurity.
We are thrilled to complete this acquisition, as the Kerio firewall technology is one of the best in the industry," said Alex Eckelberry, president of Sunbelt Software.
We feel that Sunbelt is uniquely positioned to offer both best in class support and ongoing product development for Kerio Personal Firewall and its legion of loyal users," said Martin Viktora, CEO and CTO of Kerio Technologies, Inc.
The Barracuda Spyware Firewall is capable of detecting the Sony software and will notify the system administrator who can then take the appropriate corrective actions to restore the infected PCs.
Following the success of the Barracuda Spam Firewall 800, we are taking email protection for large enterprises one step further with the Barracuda Spam Firewall 900," said Dean Drako, president and CEO of Barracuda Networks.