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a storm in which violent winds are drawn into the column of hot air rising over a severely bombed area

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Williamsonville, a small mill-town community of 76 persons, was destroyed by a firestorm that ignited every building within the settlement.
Galdieri recounts one of her first community meetings, where a firestorm victim stood up and asked her why the insurance money received for his household contents was subject to tax.
Power also is a key feature of the second-generation Firestorm drill, which comes in 12, 14.
Like a firestorm, it made a run up a long, steep hill.
The legends, the business of the hagiographers, begin with his birth: born in a boxcar while his mother was traveling on a train through Siberia; raised in the margins of a nation torn apart by World War II and the Cold War; early recognition in the world-famous school and company of Leningrad's Kirov Ballet; the cloak-and-dagger defection from the touring Kirov in June 1961 on the tarmac in Paris, which ignited a media firestorm that would spook him the rest of his life.
Now, with the Firestorm wireless gamepad, you can play PC games without being tied to your computer.
No doubt when Delpit, a MacArthur Fellow and best-selling education author, and Dowdy, the assistant director at the Center of Study of Adult Literacy and assistant professor at Georgia State University, decided to put together a collection of essays assaulting the many myths surrounding language and its relationship to identity, learning and cultural mobility, they understood the critical firestorm that would greet their book.
And, believe it or not, that firestorm is ignited by a mission statement.
Beyond its short length, the next most noticeable design feature of the Firestorm is PSE's TP.
Recent findings by a group of Italian investigators led by Francesco Forastiere of the Agency of Public Health in Rome, Italy, add new fuel to the firestorm of debate about the effects of exposure to environmental tobacco smoke, or ETS [EHP 108:1171-1177].
It's encouraging to see how the Rubber Manufacturers Association is responding to the current firestorm regarding tires.
Merve Kavakci, a newly elected member of the Turkish Parliament and member of the Islamist Virtue Party, has set off a political firestorm by wearing an Islamic head scarf to her swearing-in session.
I assumed, somehow, that all the German soldiers who froze to death in the siege of Stalingrad and all the German civilians cremated in the firestorm bombing of Dresden were officers of the Waffen SS who wore monocles, black uniforms, and permanent sneers.
Moviegoers can choose between two films about exploding volcanoes, Dante's Peak and Volcano; major summer releases include Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park sequel, The Lost World, and the waterlogged adventure flick The Flood; and next fall brings us Firestorm.
Move ahead to 1933, when a colossal firestorm called the Tillamook Burn, consumed 13 billion board-feet of prime timber in Oregon, costing three billion Depression dollars in lost wages alone.