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Synonyms for fireproof

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make resistant to fire

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impervious to damage by fire

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TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian researchers in association with their colleagues from Brazil succeeded in the production of fireproof concretes with high raw strength by using nanotechnology.
Radware (Nasdaq: RDWR), a leading provider of intelligent traffic management (ITM) solutions that bring certainty to dynamic networks, ensuring optimal, continuous, personalized and secure service is pleased to announce that Radio France has deployed multiple FireProof and LinkProof application switches to provide for the efficient management of Radio France's firewall farms and multiple Internet links.
Users receive optimal, continuous, secure and personal service with the use of Radware's award winning ITM solutions: Web Server Director, Cache Server Director, FireProof and LinkProof.
We employ three of RADWARE's FireProofs as a preventive measure to balance traffic load to two firewalls protecting our servers," says Bonnett.
Redundant FireProofs can be added to the network eliminating any single point of failure.
Degriftour deployed four FireProofs, thereby assuring no single point of failure to its' network.
The final design combined multiple FireProofs and multiple Lucent Managed Firewalls with all possible fail over scenarios successfully tested.
6, 1998--RADWARE/RND Networks Tuesday unleashed the power of FireProof, the industry's first non-proprietary dynamic load balancing system providing traffic optimization for multiple firewalls and other security devices.