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Synonyms for fireproof

Words related to fireproof

make resistant to fire

Related Words

impervious to damage by fire

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When the surface of the silicone is exposed to direct flame contact, the surface takes on characteristics similar to ceramic material and becomes a fireproof barrier.
This report concerns the market of fireproof metal furnishings, type's products, brands, suppliers and production, requirement and market prospects.
Pardoe described the Library, rebuilt in steel and stone, as the "only one in Canada housed in a fireproof building.
Divided into six chapters, the book deals with the different building techniques, materials, and measures introduced to enhance the fireproofing of buildings in American cities and to limit the destructive power of fire: solid masonry building (1790-1840); iron-and-brick construction (1840-60); experimentation (1860s-80s) including new fireproofing materials such as cement, concrete, and terra cotta; mill fire protection methods (1880s); fireproof skyscrapers (1870s-1900s); fire exits and egress laws (1900s-1910s).
With Radware's FireProof, businesses can use Radware's load balancing solutions with ISA Server for scalable, reliable and secure business-to-business internetworking.
There was no way of getting me out so there wasn't a lot of point wearing fireproof overalls.
The fire was apparently caused by a burning cigarette being tossed on to the foam, which the disco management had been told was fireproof.
One of the most impressive aspects of the FireProof is that I don't even know it's there.
Open procedure for the supply of kiy sterile operating room and fireproof material.
para]]Independent Audit Verifies Fireproof Records Center Internal Controls and Processes[[/para]]
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian researchers in association with their colleagues from Brazil succeeded in the production of fireproof concretes with high raw strength by using nanotechnology.
His role at Fireproof, dedication, expertise, and background make him a suitable fit.
It also emerged that firemen who fought blazes had only two fireproof jackets between them.
The fabric is fireproof and self-cleansing, requiring less maintenance than conventional roof materials.
The larger blaze broke out shortly before midnight at the Joy Disco in the village of St Agatha, 120 miles south-west of Vienna, during a party in which supposedly fireproof particles of plastic foam were strewn ankle-deep on the dance floor.